Lions Fan Claims He was Beaten Unconscious Leaving Eagles Game

Voila_Capture804I was hesitant to post this since all it’s going to do is give some Philly-hating nutbag fodder to call my a hypocrite the next time I point out something shitty done by fans of another team. But the fact is, bad shit happens everywhere. Adrian Peterson said the people in Baltimore are basically the worst on Earth:

Anyway, this unidentified Lions fan told the Inquirer and FOX Philly that he was beaten unconscious leaving the Eagles game on Sunday as he walked on Pattison near Xfinity Live!.

From the Inquirer:

As he crossed the street, heading toward the train, six of the men blocked his path and continued to scream at him.

“I was like, ‘Are you guys serious? You won, enjoy it.’ ”

The smallest man slapped his head from the side. Another man then pushed him from behind, and the group bum-rushed him, he said.

To defend himself, he threw a punch and brought one of his attackers to the ground. But then he felt punches to the back of his head, he said: “I felt like I was being choked and punched.”

That’s when he lost consciousness, he said.

When he came to, sore and bruised, another Eagles fan was standing over him, offering help, he said. “He stayed with me and walked me toward SEPTA.”

The man remembered the Good Samaritan being so disgusted over what he had witnessed that he took off his Eagles jersey and threw it in a trash can.

That last part sounds a little fishy. That happens in soda commercials. What, did Mean Joe Green show up next and toss his jersey to some kid? I find it hard to believe some Eagles fan was so repulsed by what he saw – after one of the best games in team history – that he just decided to throw out his jersey on a whim because of a few dickhead fans.

From FOX Philly:

“They were looking for this situation. They weren’t gonna let it go. They obviously were probably drunk, wanted to fight,” he said.

The victim says he also endured repeated taunting and being pelted with snowballs and plastic beer bottles during the game while he sat in his front-row seats behind the Eagles bench.

He said he has gone to Lions games all over the country and never experienced this level of aggression and violence.

“It’s not worth going to games if it’s going to be like this,” he said.

Smitty over at Barstool points out something about that bottle comment:

So many holes in this tall tale I’m shocked he didn’t say he was attacked by Paul Bunyan in a Dawkins jersey then get turned to stone after looking some broad from Delco named Medusa in the eyes. Dude’s got knuckles as swollen as Rocky’s after a prize fight and he’s saying he got slapped around and sucker punched? Red flag #1. Other questionable things to note: No security cameras or other witnesses saw this but “The Good Samaritan”? What about the thousands of other people making there way home in that exact spot after the games? What about getting pelted with bottles inside the stadium when, as McG’s stated, you can only get served in cups at the Linc? Whole thing reeks.

If this guy really got beat up, and what he said happened actually happened, then, obviously, I feel bad for him. But there would would’ve been a ton of people that witnessed it. People with cell phones. People tweeting. People peopling. Yet no one has come forward. Something tells me either A) nothing happened, or, more likely, B) there was a fight and this guy lost. There are two sides to every story, and this sounds like just one of them.

Video after the jump.

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  1. after seeing that dyke that lied in Jersey, people better be careful making up stories. these news reporters are hungry out here.

  2. Indeed. A group of drunk, inbred fucklips saw a guy wearing an opponents jersey and decided they would have their shining monument by starting trouble and, when the guy tries to reason or defend his way out of the situation, they beat the shit out of him. What a fairy tale!

    Kyle – check your post from 1/3/12 for another shockingly similar figment of everyone’s imagination.

    1. Yea genius, the youtube video from 1/3/12 showing that entire brawl is exactly like the video of this loser shot last Sund…oh wait. And love how this clown claims his buddy “just abandoned him”….just mysteriously took off during that close, exciting 4th qtr. To where?

      Or maybe this fucknut’s buddy thought “No Mas, I’m not going down with this mouth-running asswipe”.

      Which scenario makes more sense?

  3. The fact that you called this “one of the best games in team history” speaks volumes to you either being a moron or how shitty the Eagles history really is. It snowed, they won, we get it. Stop giggling like a schoolgirl over the weather.

  4. Eagles fans love acting like a bunch of charter school African American kids playing the knockout game. Animals with no class!

    1. why did you go to school in Philly if you hate it so much? forgot it was the only university in the world

    2. How do you connect charter schools and the knockout “game”? Idiot future NEA member. Anyone who goes to the games knows there are cops everywhere in front of Xfinity Live. Story is bullshit.

  5. Great call on his knuckles, clearly something else happened that he isn’t telling. His knuckles look like he pummelled someone!

  6. He said he took the subway to the hospital! Why didn’t he just call the cops right there and then???

  7. and Adrian Peterson is the worst father ever.
    No condom wearing hit it & cum in it pos, take care of your biracial kids. Pussy

  8. Dude is a pussy letting himself get rolled like that… I’m here to let all fat drunk loser eagles fans that I’m ready to fight. Anyone of u fake ass fans anytime. Broad and Pattison. Who’s first???

  9. Whoa!! Hey Jizz fan go play that song on Craigslist. We got a lot of those internet tough guys there too. You ain’t doin shit

  10. Aren’t there a ton of security cameras around the linc and at the subway? This guy sounds like he is full of shit. Where is the video proof?

  11. I always feel better about myself when I walk through the Linc parking lot. The epitome of white trash

  12. Sounds like there is so takers… Pussy internet tough guys looking for a fight. Typical eagles fans throwing molotov cocktails at Santa clause. Who am I suckering first???

  13. love the outfit. know you are going to be interviewed on TV but can’t get out of your slippers. I weep for our future

  14. I believe the straight brim on this gentleman’s ballcap tells us all we need to know about his character.

    What an attention seeking fuck.

  15. This guy is full of shit. I don’t doubt that he got into a fight but probably just got his ass beat or something and decided to lie and make up this grandiose story to make Eagles fans look bad.

  16. This lions fan was most likely drunk mouthing off & fucked with the wrong white trash eagles fans. Might have even deserved a beating

  17. What’s funny is that normally when a story like this comes out you have a ton of people say “I was there and this it what happened…”. With this, nothing.

    1. Definitely the comments. I totally got the HIV from slumming it in here (or at least that’s my excuse when my girl’s test comes back [*WINK WINK]).

  18. There are to many holes in this guys story. Bottles being thrown at him during the game. His friend just gets up and leaves him during the game. He travels to see all Lions games. There are 1,000s of people in that area leaving the game, including police. Hard to believe this went unnoticed.

  19. So he was being harassed and pelted with bottles and snowballs in his FRONT ROW SEATS behind the bench? But there were no security guards and nothing on camera? Dude reeks of bullshit.

  20. Yeah I too would get on SEPTA after supposedly getting beat unconscious and strangled instead of calling the police and/or an ambulance.

  21. I’ve had season tickets for 20 years, have a beer or two at almost every game, and I can’t remember the last time I was handed a bottle and not a cup… This is 100% false.

  22. This story is bogus. Just a sore loser trying to spread an easy story to the gullible national media.

  23. The beating nobody witnesses, is full of lies, told by an unnamed person. Why are we talking about this snow job again???

    SMH…. He probably got his ass beat by some chicks husband he was diddling and came up with this story to tell his wife when he got home all lumped up. What a douche…

  24. Yea his knuckles are so suspect. We are suppose to believe that he only threw one shot and miraculously dropped a dude and broke his hand with that one shot? RED FLAG! Far more likely he ran his mouth then came out on the loosing end of a drunk scrap. Location is pretty suspect for no witnesses as well. It would be one thing if it was the back lot of jet row but on Pattison ave which generally has cops on beat immediately before and after games due the immense amount of people. RED FLAG! Can’t speak on entire stadium but I have only been served beer in cups. And lastly what bougie ass eagles fan (by himself mind you) would throw out his $100+ jersey immediately after witnessing an iconic eagles win for first place in the “snow bowl.” RED FLAG RED FLAG RED FLAG!

  25. I’m almost surprised this guy didn’t come out and say that Philly cops were standing around cheering on the group of Eagles fans beating him senseless. No witnesses? No video? I feel like people nowadays have the their phone camera running just for these type of instances. Thousands of people and cars in every direction in that area after the game and no one has confirmed this story? Not to mention, there is more then enough decent people and Eagles fans that if they saw a person laying unconcious on the sidewalk as they were passing by they would have at least called the police or someone for help. This story stinks.

  26. Did everyone have suck perfect aim that all those bottles being thrown were hitting him and not entering the field level? Being that he’s in in front row seats throwing phantom beer bottles would certainly attract attention wouldn’t it?

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