Man-Crushing: Chip Kelly Went Conch Shell

Chip Kelly, who referenced Winston Churchill earlier this week, went Anchorman today. When asked a question by (for some reason) Merrill Reese about the Vikings’ horn being played along with music at practice, ostensibly to desensitize Eagles players for playing in the dome this weekend, Kelly responded just beautifully:

“I have no idea what that is. I literally have nothing to do with the music. I thought it was the horn from Anchorman. Remember when he asked for his guys and they were all standing next to him?* Conch shell, yeah. I went conch shell. Our guy TJ does all that, so I’m not concerned with it.”

Annnnnd I went conch shell just entered my lexicon.

*0% chance Merrill remembers.

via Philly Mag


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18 Responses

  1. Off-topic, but did any of you see the 60 Minutes piece on former Eagles FB Kevin Turner? Sad shit…

  2. Kyle – This sweatshirt, that you’re whoring out, may be the ONLY thing you’ve ever done right. Congratulations.

  3. Scott, you are a no talent ass clown. Sitting in your warm cozy home while I must slum it on these flights! No body understands the difficult job that I have especially since I get no original info anymore. Practically have to go and copy/paste parts from other articles.

  4. Chip Kelly is the anti-Andy Reid. I am so happy to have this guy giving press conferences now. I can’t imagine how much the reports like having Chip over Andy for pressers.

  5. Kyle, eat my shorts heh. You will never be one of us and you for sure are no included on our next shore bro-beats weekend.

  6. It’s another mistake to use an associative logical fallacy to apply attributes of others to me. Literally none of that describes me or my positions.  It’s the exact opposite in actuality.  For example, after dogmatically believing the consensus for years, it was scientific logic which made me question the IPCC theory in the first place.

  7. That made you man crush on Kelly? Seriously? Just come out of the closet son, it’s ok, mama will still love you. I always wanted a male opinion when out shopping for my garter belts. Yay!

  8. I’d really like to buy a clever, kelly green shirt from this site that doesn’t have a drawing of a nutsack that was shaved a week ago on it.

    1. Hahaha I agree! I love the Kelly green color on that shit but would look like a homosexual trying too hard to be funny wearing it.

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