Man-Crushing: Crashing The Party Eagles Video

I’m at solid 10 right now.

You go, Eagles marketing video maker guy.


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  1. Kyle – your love affair with the Eagles marketing department is weird. They’re ok. The videos are standard, hackneyed fair. Do you have a friend/relative working there?

    1. No he does not… The guy making these is a pro plain and simple, and a lifelong fan. He’s pretty much the best hire behind Chip

  2. Awesome video…Please hurry up Saturday…Fuck NYE…Fuck the Mummers…The march begins Saturday Night.

    1. I agree. I just cancelled my mummers day plans & will be going balls out sat night. Might try to get fucked if they win

  3. So how was Bynum supposed to know that nailing his assistant coach’s wife would be frowned upon behavior?

    1. I think it is Bill Rawls from The Wire (the police commish/captain/whatever his title was). Don’t know the actor’s name though off the top of my head.

      1. Replying to my own comment. The actor’s name is John Doman and he was born in Philly so it’s gotta be him.

  4. Video is worthless and won’t help the eagles beat the saints. Anybody have any experience clipping their ass hairs?

    1. Buy a separate beard trimmer (unless you want to use the same one on your face hah). Works like a charm. Can’t remember my last messy wipe.

  5. When I was playing John Facenda did NFL voiceovers. If Facenda heard this whiner he’d light up a smoke then kick his ass.

  6. Asinine comment of the day coming up: I imagine its pretty obvious Bill Rawls was A-Rodgers favorite character on “The Wire” for reasons that should be pretty obvious to all of us now… (Two asinine pop culture references in the same post, three if you count the wire reference, tsss)

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