Merrill Reese Calls Game-Winning Interception


Sounds quite a bit better than my screaming, though no less loud.

[May need to adjust volume.]

Audio courtesy WIP


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  1. Hey Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike. What day is it? Sunday night and the Eagles beat dem Boys. Whooooooooo

  2. Also need the Eatdatpussy reaction Kyle. I will expect that on the MMRoundup! Ah I’m trashed in celebration. Hell yes!

  3. Yeah Eagles. Uncle Angie was right for once in his life. He said at the beginning of the year that Foles should be the starter. Of course he bailed on Foles after the first Dallas game and said he never wanted to see him start another game for the Birds but why let facts stand in the way of a frauds legacy.

  4. Any way to find the Rickie Ricardo call in Spanish of that interception? I heard it on the Mike and Ike show and it is fantastic!

  5. even if they could find the arabic call of the interception, itd sound better than merrill reece. and some tell him its new orLEENS, not new oarleeins

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