sochiI love the Olympics. I’ve spent the past month or so mentally mapping out my office setup during the 22nd Winter Olympiad, in Sochi. Thinking main screen for work, secondary screen for main live-streaming event, TV for studio coverage and Bob Costas, iPad exclusively for hockey, old iPhone for curling, and current iPhone for results-checking. I may try to mount an LED ticker for medal-tracking all around the upstairs so I don’t miss anything when I sleep, but I don’t know if Ms. CB is going to go for that.

Anyway, big Olympics fan here. And also a fan of NBC’s announcement today that Dan Patrick, Rebecca Lowe (and Lester Holt…) will join Bob Costas and his poems, and Al Michaels for studio coverage.

From the press release:

NBC Olympics announced today that Dan PatrickRebecca Lowe, and Lester Holt will serve as hosts for its coverage of the XXII Olympic Winter Games from Sochi, Russia.

“We are excited to add Dan, Rebecca and Lester to our roster of anchors,” said Jim Bell, Executive Producer, NBC Olympics. “With wide-ranging experience, they will provide NBC and NBCSN viewers with news, insight and storytelling.”

The trio joins previously announced Bob Costas, NBC’s primetime and late night host, and Al Michaels, who will serve as host for NBC on weekend afternoons and NBCSN on weekdays.

Rebecca Lowe is the curiously attractive Premier League anchor who is shown not nearly enough in tight shots and instead served up in glancing blows by a panning studio jib. It’s… disheartening, because:


Yeah. Anyway, Patrick and Lowe will be joined by Lester Holt, who is actually the only person on Earth known to be completely devoid of any personality whatsoever. Can’t wait. Really.