Newspaper Front Pages for December 30, 2013

As they corpse-fart their way into extinction, newspapers still rule in one regard: a day-old snapshot of life– both its highs and lows. And boy, are the covers today fun.

The Inquirer

Voila_Capture891 Voila_Capture890

The Daily News


The Delco Times


And, of course, The Dallas Morning News



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  1. Just stop with your bashing of the newspaper trade. You write a casual non-professional blog, that’s all you do. You’re not some blogging pioneer that is responsible for the death of print media. In fact you lift over half of what you do from print media. You just aggregate stuff. And you didn’t come up with the idea of aggregating and stealing stuff from other sites, you just copied the idea from sites like And when you try to inject your personality like a Bill Simmons, you fail miserably.

    1. Yet you still come to the site and take the time to type up a novella on the matter. Kill yourself you pussy fart. Go Birds!

      1. Wow, great comeback. I keep forgetting the type fop folks Kyle is trying to attract here. Pussy Fart? Is that from your Nova education or from your Interboro High education. Smart stuff. I bet his advertisers are drooling over people like you. Go buy one of those snow bowl sweaters so it’s obvious to everyone you’re an idiot when you’re walking around.

        1. All vulgarities aside, I think the commentary on the demise of print media (for news, at least) is valid. He is saying that newspapers as we know them are failing and that the companies that run their web presences aren’t doing a great job making the switch to digital. It isn’t a pat-on-the-back moment, as much as it is a fact. Also: Bill Simmons is poorly articulated drivel.

          Furthermore, I think we all know that much of the content of this site is taken and regurgitated with a different spin and voice. It is entertaining. And that is why we come here, to be entertained- if you want breaking, first hand news, I doubt Kyle would fault you for looking elsewhere. But let’s be real here- in the age of instant media that we live in, the average joe/locker room boy is tweeting the real news long before any major media outlet gets it and spins it. The days of calling in tips to the Inky is over. Now those tipsters are breaking it via their social media.

  2. Can’t we all just get along? The birds Won! You guys can borrow my anti gravity boots.
    Feed the Pig

  3. Doug, I agree with most of what you say. My point is not that Kyle is pointing out that print media is dying (which it is), it’s the fact that he seems to take pleasure in it but at the same time he is lifting stuff from them. I don’t understand why he seems to have a vendetta against print media and their writers. Maybe some of the writers belittled him at press conferences and he has a chip on his shoulder? He seems a little like a jilted lover or something, certainly not acting like a business owner.

    I do like some of the stuff on this site, but not when he seems to have personal vendettas against others in the philly sports scene. OK, he’s on the right side of the line as it relates to digital media vs print media. Fine. But then just do your job and let it lie.

    1. Erdessy makes some valid points. I think you should remember that most of this websites content that involves analyzing the print media in this town is directed at hacks like Marcus Hayes and the Flyers beat writer types. Those guys deserve most of what is said about them here. They are frauds and are big contributors to the slow death of print media. He may come off a little douchey in the way that he seems to be enjoying it so much, but these guys still need to be called out. Besides the obvious evolution of technology, these guys are the death of the newspapers.

  4. I will never buy a daily news again. F that liberal BS they put out. Les Bowen will be bagging groceries sooner than later. F Mike Miss too

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