Nick Foles is on the Cover of Sports Illustrated and the Season is Fucked



via Matt Lombardo (@MattLombardo975)


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      1. I prefer Brett Favres to selfies, I don’t think that would fly on such a family-oriented site.

  1. He didn’t pose for it though – does it still count? And the Phillies broke Billy Penn’s curse, maybe Foles can break the SI cover curse??

    …trying to be optimistic here

  2. looks like jason kelce is holding on that play. should of been a 10 yard penalty

  3. Anywhere I can read that for free, I haven’t looked and I’m not going to due to laziness.

  4. Gotta admit though, Foles looks absolutely Elway-esque!!!!! E-A-G-LE-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for reverting to using actual written out swear words in your headlines instead of @$!#, you sly fox

  6. I am putting the house on my Vikings this Sunday!!! SI curse is real baby

  7. Nah, I think we’re ok. The only SI jinx I actually believe in is their annual Super Bowl pick. That team is fucked every year. This is ok though.


  8. You really need to up your “no” reaction game Kyle. The one from The Office > The one from Ace Ventura

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