Philadelphia Set a Sunday Night Football Local Rating Record Last Night

Voila_Capture90240.1. 40.1% of households with TVs in Philly had the Eagles-Cowboys game on last night. 58% of households watching TV in the Philly market had the game on.

Those are records.

From NBC’s PR department:

The 16.8 overnight for the Eagles’ two-point Sunday Night Football victory, highlighted by Nick Foles’ 263 passing yards and two touchdowns and LeSean McCoy’s 131 rushing yards and one scoring catch, is the seventh-highest Sunday overnight in the eight-year history of NBC’s primetime package (excluding NFL Kickoff games) and ranks third this season behind Peyton Manning’s return to Indianapolis on October 20 (17.3) and “Manning-Brady XIV” on Nov. 24 (17.0).

SNF’s 16.8 overnight more than doubled the top regularly-scheduled primetime program (7.4 for60 Minutes). In the Adults 18-49 demographic, Sunday Night Football easily won the night posting a 10.2 rating (in the 25 markets used to calculate the overnight demo) – 343% better than the top entertainment show in the demo (The Simpsons).

It was the seventh-highest rated SNF game on NBC ever and third-highest this season. But the real win was the local market rating– it set a SNF local record, at 40.1 (I predicted 39…). That’s roughly 1.2 million households.

From NBC:

Top 10 Metered Markets:

1. Philadelphia, 40.1/58 – NBC SNF local-market record

2. Dallas, 37.0/60

3. New Orleans, 28.6/39

4. Richmond, 28.0/41

5. Austin 27.8/45

6. San Antonio, 25.6/38

7. Albuquerque, 22.9/34

8. Norfolk, 22.1/32

9. Memphis, 21.6/30

10. Washington, D.C., 20.9/36

10. Las Vegas, 20.9/32

Still, the question remains: What were the other 42% of assholes in Philadelphia who were watching TV but not watching the Eagles doing?


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  1. My in laws were watching Kennedy center honors and the game on commercial break. Yikes. Let the ball busting begin.

  2. My wife and children were in bed. The tv was on nickjr. I was at the game in Dallas because I’m a real fan! Fucking pussies must listen to mike miss (racist).

  3. Lemme guess… failed miserably with your “Amanda hugnkiss” name, so you spent the next couple hours thinking up this post and screen name, which you misspelled and is somehow stupider and up funnier than your first? Please go away.

  4. We made it in and stayed the whole game. Nobody wanted to fight me which is weird. Brendan fell down twice after the game, we got flagged, had Canadians buying us beers because in their country it’s unthinkable to flag a man. Edmonton has eagles fans!!! I’m drinking heavily on the plane sorry for the long text. By the way Brendan’s new nickname is starfish. He looked like one when he was laying in the Dallas dirt after his second fall! Classic

  5. Your welcome bitches! Thought I’d give you a little taste of the traveling eagles fan!

  6. That’s great. Everybody watched that “championship” game. That’s because it’s the closest you loser eagle fans will ever come to a Super Bowl. Not me. We got for titles.

      1. You two hand jobs do realize that, when we are completely ignoring you (which is 99.9% of the time), we laugh at you rather hysterically. Please tell me you are aware of this.

        You live off of Super Bowls that we’re own close to the black and white era. We have more Super Bowls (and will always have more Super Bowls) than you ever will.

          1. You do realize maybe 5% of the readers of this blog have any recollection of what you’re talking about, right? Please make my day and tell me you’re a local. It’d be too perfect.

        1. Are you guys seriously arguing Steelers-Cowboys on a Philly sports blog? Are we the only town with blogs and websites?

    1. When was the last time the cowboys won a Super Bowl? Put your earrings in, Yankees hat on, swagger to your Korean built shit car and thank your girlfriend for letting you mooch off of her! For you are a cowboys fan!

  7. Why do you think we are stuck on the Super Bowl’s, it’s all we have! Have you seen what the Cowboys have accomplished in the last 15 years?!?! Nothing!!

  8. What is the 5 World Series? I guess I can just pick a team and say, hey, that’s my team!!! YAY

  9. No one addressed the Lurie picture. The one on the left I assume is the new Mrs. Lurie, but who is the young couple in the picture? Probably one is the offspring of Lurie’s second wife. As to the new Mrs. Lurie, Jeff must of gone to the Angelo Cataldi School of Trophy Wives or ones better suited mounted over the fireplace at the moose lodge.

  10. Where’s @coatesville at..??…aka…#1 saints fan….???…same jackass..gets no attention from the ladies…so pretends he’s a ” fan” of the opposing team…so there is some dialogue….here’s a tip…go take the duct tape off the blow up doll in your bedroom…next to your mothers room…talk to her she gets you

    1. What’s up my buddy Nick. I’m here.
      I’m not a Saints fan. I am a Brees fan though. He’s fun to watch plus I had him in fantasy this year.
      I’m a die hard blue bleeding fan of AMERICA’S TEAM!!!

      Look, the Eagles won good for you. I think there were some questionable non calls going in the Eagles favor though.

      I do know this, Eagles have no chance to beat the Saints. That line should be Saints -7. I think the way the Cowboys D was playing they could’ve beaten the Saints. But Eagles will be killed.

      1. This guy is actually turning out to be a decent troll. At least you’re have middling success with something in your life.

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