Look, I make a lot of minor typos and grammar mistakes. It’s what happens when you don’t have an editor. Your eyes can only see so many things once you’ve read your own work two or three times. In fact, I’ll porbably screw something up in this post.

I run the site mostly on my own, and it would be a colossally big waste of time and money to have someone edit every single post (some of the longer stuff does get proofread). But you can’t make the same argument if you’re a major media company. And Philly.com is routinely filled with egregious, easy-to-spot errors, such as the ones in Sam Carchidi’s story about Peter Luukko resigning:

“He doesn’t know,” Snider said of Luukko’s plans. “He has a son in Vermont and wants to spend more time with him and his family. Basically, he wants to see what’s going on in world. He’s entrepreneurial and might want to start something of own.”

Added Snider: “We’ll suvive, but he’s done a hell of a job and will be hard to replace.”

As president of the Flyers, Luukko was a driving force behind the team participating in two Winter Classics and for having the 2014 NHL scheduled for Philadelphia. He was also a valuable sounding board for GM Paul Holmgren when personnel moves were made.

Dave Scott will serve as acting president of Comcast-Spectacor, but the Flyers, Snider said.

I’m on a bit of a crusade against Flyers beat writers (in case you haven’t noticed), but I can’t really blame Carchidi here. He got the story up quickly and, in doing so, made some minor errors. It happens. To his credit, he tweeted a supposedly corrected version of the story…


… yet all but one of those mistakes remained. This is embarrassing for a major local news outlet. Carchidi is covering the Flyers on behalf of the Inquirer. How does someone not look over stories before they get posted online? Or, at the very least, correct obvious mistakes within an hour and a half (!) after the post goes live? Amateur hour over there.

UPDATE: Credit to Sam removed. He blamed it on “computer issues”:

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