Email from reader Shibby:

You see this Kyle? Think this is Girouxs girl. He retweeted this tweet briefly but then undid that. Looks like our moustachless captain in her avatar.

– shibby

Let’s gossip, you silly gossipers.

Ryanne (@ryannehaileyb) appears to be smoochin’ G and his gap-toothed mouth in her avatar:


Giroux’s birthday is on January 12, not December 12, so not sure what that Tweet was about. Giroux quickly undid the retweet of Ryanne’s (private) account. But, a quick Google search turns up the following from Hockey Wags’ Tumblr of G and B:

Voila_Capture827 Voila_Capture828

Invariably, hockey player girlfriend posts lead to an onslaught of comments, Tweets and emails with more, frighteningly stalkerish, information. For real, I’m not sure AMBER Alerts produce the same sort of swift response from the public. Puck bunnies are a different breed, and if there’s one thing they love more than getting with hockey players, it’s talking about what SKANKY BITCH, UGH! is getting with the hockey player they wish they could get with. It’s like fantasy wrapped in hate wrapped in jealously wrapped a silver bullet with two AA batteries. So, we put out the bat signal to you, puck bunny readers: Is this G’s girlfriend? All signs point to yes. And all signs point to G having great taste.