Report: Flyers Will Play in the Winter Classic in 2015

Voila_Capture884Oh hey, in other news about teams that aren’t the sexy and NFC Championship-bound Eagles, the Flyers may play in the Winter Classic in just over a year.

According to a report from – which throws much shit at the wall with regard to trade rumors but has a decent track record when it comes to stuff like this – the Flyers will play the Capitals in the Winter Classic at Nationals Park or FedEX Field.

According to two sources tonight next year’s Winter Classic will the Philadelphia Flyers visiting the nation’s capital to face the Washington Capitals.

Both and CSN Philly picked up on the report, with Core 4 member Tim Panaccio, who also contributes and has some involvement with Hockey Buzz, writing:

A Flyers official said Monday morning that the club understood it was a finalist but had not been notified.

However, that same official wondered if the Caps had sent a hidden message to Philly recently by wearing their third jersey — the previous Winter Classic jersey — against the Flyers on Dec. 17 at Wells Fargo Center.

A fun little theory.

Back in September, it was reported that the Caps would host the Winter Classic in 2015.

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13 Responses

  1. Lets hope its at Nats park. While it seats half of what FedEx field seats, FedEx field is AWFUL. Hard to get too and terrible seating. Nats park is awesome!

  2. Check back tomorrow for t-shirts that say WINTER CLASSIC 2015 in plain block letters, trust me they’ll be awesome and worth every penny!

  3. They are/were working on a Flyers vs Penguins game in Happy Valley. The only problem is getting PSU and the state to allow them to serve alcohol at Beaver Stadium.

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