Ron Burgundy Took a Ball to the Nuts on the Dan Patrick Show

It turns out Ron Burgundy won’t be anchoring SportsCenter tonight because of some ridiculous reason…

… but that didn’t stop him from continuing his whirlwind, at this point overexposing, media tour for Anchorman 2.

Ron Burgundy didn’t jump the shark yet… but he’s very, very close to doing so.


9 Responses

  1. He hasn’t jumped the shark yet?? Are you nuts Kyle?

    he’s EVERYWHERE, literally EVERYWHERE….this movie will be terrible.

    1. @ The Philly Drunk-Just because you don’t get it, doesn’t make it terrible. Anchorman II is gonna be epic. Get a sense of humor-it’ll loosen your a$$hole up a bit…

      1. First movie sucked and so does Will Farrell.

        Why use $$’s. Just type asshole, asshole.

        Epic? Can that word be overused anymore than it already is? Shouldn’t it be reserved for people surfing 20 foot waves? Geek.

        1. Wow….That escalated rather quickly.. It REALLY got out of hand. Maybe the Philly drunk should lay low for a while..

        2. Lmao @ Captain Obvious. It’s ok that you don’t get it dude. Using the G word really presses my buttons though. Not sure how I’ll make it through the rest of my day now. Stay Classy!

          1. I only enjoy comedy movies with Adam Sandler. Now that fucker is hilarious! Come on Grown Ups 2 was a classic!

  2. He’s probably still reeling from Sean Connery using all those racial slurs…….. really the original movie wasn’t that funny, more painful to watch than anything. “Is that funny?” “should i laugh?” Steve Carell had the best role in that movie anyway

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