Snow Bowl Running Commentary

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 1.19.56 PMAh fuck it– we’re live blogging this sumbitch. This game needs a real-time record. Step over the jump, but very carefully— it’s slippery.

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  1. Heads should roll at the National Weather Service for this cock-up. 1 to 3 inches by nightfall, shit, looks like half a foot at the Linc. Meanwhile, Nick Foles finally threw an interception, and all it took was a reenactment of the Blizzard of ’96.

  2. Eagles just announced that Julie Dorenbos and Kacie O’Donnell will be using their hotness to melt snow at halftime!

    1. If you mean Kacie’s horse teeth will somehow melt the snow then yes. But hotness, no, not a chance in hell for smarty jones pulling that off.

  3. Kyle, why doesn’t Chip send the shovels out there and clear the ground for a FG during the Timeout?

  4. Eagles are not built for this weather. I chalk this loss up to Mother Nature

    1. Agreed. Foles hasn’t looked this bad since the Dallas debacle. This is ground and pound weather, and the Birds just aren’t that kind of team. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game ends 8-0.

  5. Hi There Crossingbroad,
    I know what you mean, I put videos together and am running out of ideas for songs. The videos are of Friends and Family having fun together. Example going snow tubing, races, bowling, etc.
    Any ideas I already have Alan Jackson – Good Times

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