T.O. and Carl’s Jr. Take Aim at Philly Fans in Cheesesteak Burger Commercial

Three things:

1) We didn’t hate T.O. until after he completely flaked out.

2) Even then, some people blamed [the Eagles] [Andy Reid] [Donovan McNabb]. T.O.’s courage to come back from a broken leg and catch nine passes in the Super Bowl prevents him from becoming truly despised around here. Deep down, most of us respect him.

3) That thing looks gross.

H/T to Caleb Mezzy

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29 Responses

  1. Kyle this would make a great shirt, I’m thinking plain gray shirt with CHEESESTEAK BURGER in block letters. How quick can you have them? I’ll take 7.

  2. He’s clueless and so is the absolute dope who wrote that commercial. Philly loved him until he lost his damn mind. Fuck carls garbage burger…….thank god its not a five guys tho…

  3. Eagles should have kept TO over that Uncle Tom company man #5. Would have won a Super Bowl with TO & Garcia

    1. Except TO already had problems with Garcia. Agree with everything else but TO was just too crazy to take the team from Mcnabb.

  4. Remember why it all went south…not push-ups in a driveway, but because Douche Rosenstein conned TO into breaking his contract.

    In other news, that chick emerges from the pool all slippery, but the football is dry. Odd….

    1. They’re waiting by their mailboxes for the money TO got paid to do this ad. It’ll be his first child support payment in quite some time.

  5. Been to West Coast. Karl’s has better food than any crap served in any of the fast food joints around here. And In n Out food is even better.

  6. Look how long that broad’s foot looks. She can stand up on water and paddle herself around with those boats.

  7. I actually enjoyed the commercial. I’m just happy that Philadelphia even gets mentioned in a commercial. We’re like the forgotten city here.

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