Temple Cuts Seven Sports, Including Baseball and Men’s Track and Field

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 3.33.51 PMFrom Temple News:

The Board of Trustees approved a recommendation from Athletic Director Kevin Clark Friday to eliminate seven intercollegiate sports from the university’s Division I sponsorship, effective July 1, 2014.

The following sports will be cut: baseball, softball, men’s crew, women’s rowing, men’s gymnastics and men’s indoor/outdoor track & field. Approximately 150 student-athletes will be affected and nine full-time coaches will lose their jobs.

The cuts were described by officials as a culmination of the university’s long history of an underfunded athletic department despite sponsoring a relatively large number of sports. Student-athletes under scholarship are still guaranteed financial aid for the remainder of their academic tenure and will be able to transfer without sitting out a year.

I’m not qualified to have an opinion on this or any insight on how something like this happens, but this is pretty sad.


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  1. Long time coming, started when those malignant cunts at Villanova kept TU out of the Big East, opting for all their rivals instead.

  2. Would of been better if they cut the football program! Can’t stand watching that garbage!

  3. honestly how are they doing this. so many humongous new building are getting put up around campus, yet they have to cut these programs which have miniscule costs in comparison.

  4. What are they going to do with the boathouse they built up river from the grandstands?

    Granted its a shithole that’s falling apart compared to SJU’s boathouse or the much older boathouse row.

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