Voila_Capture806Terrible game all-around. Bad gameplan and poor decision-making by Chip Kelly. Nick Foles looked average at best. LeSean McCoy hardly touched the ball. The secondary was a mess. Dropped passes. Dumb penalties. You can’t win a game that way.

Chip: Poor decision to go for it on 4th and 1 inside own 30. Dumb timeout before going for two. Not enough touches for Shady. Silly kickoff plan. I’m probably forgetting something, but that was his worst performance as coach. I’m all for the ballsy calls on 4th down and going for two, but you have to know what you’re doing before you do it, and you can’t do that stuff at really dumb, seemingly random, times.

Foles: Several easy passes were dropped, so this isn’t entirely his fault, but he missed many guys long, held on to the ball too long in certain spots, and seemed to force more balls this week than he has before. He wasn’t very accurate today.


Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher: Terrible games. Fletcher STINKS.

Penalties: Inconsistent officiating. But who gets a taunting call down two scores in the fourth quarter on a non-caught punt that rolls out of bounds? Roc Carmichael, that’s who. Thuggery abounded today.


SI: I blame you.

Oh, and the Vikings actually played really well, so maybe I should just stop whining. GO PACK, GO!