The Eagles and the City of Philadelphia May Be to Blame for the WWE Choosing Santa Clara Over Philly for WrestleMania

Voila_Capture773Somewhere, Dave Grzybowski and fashion editor Dan Fuller are outraged.

According to a report from our friends at, who have been out ahead of the WrestleMania coverage all along, there were two reasons why Santa Clara won out over Philly for hosting WrestleMania 31.1) It was just held in North Jersey and the WWE felt there would be too much overlap. And 2):

Second, the WWE felt like Santa Clara simply did a better job in the pitch process. According to a report from PWInsider, WWE officials got the feeling from Philadelphia and Lincoln Financial Field associates like the city was doing them a favor by allowing them to host their signature event in their town. Santa Clara and 49ers officials were said to have made the WWE feel more invited and showed more enthusiasm in having the show there. In the end, the WWE simply felt like Santa Clara had a much larger interest in hosting WrestleMania 31.


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16 Responses

  1. Uh I’m a ADULT. Professional Wrestling isn’t a sport, its scripted entertainment. Any adult who watches it probably still lives in their mom’s basement. Glad that stupid crap didn’t come to Philly. Oh by the way, Santa isn’t real, the Easter bunny isn’t real either for you wrestling fans

    1. 99% of television that isn’t sports is scripted entertainment there buddy. Bet you still watch that though…

  2. Lol! The same reason the original Anchorman was not filmed in Philadelphia (1st choice) California has much better tax incentives than Philadelphia does when it comes to entertainment.. If you read that answer to 2) knowing this, it is what it says between the lines. When it’s all said and done, it’s all about the $$$ beeeeitches…

  3. This is disappointing. WrestleMania would be a cool event to go to. I’m not big into wrestling anymore, but I still keep track of it here and there through some blogs and going to a major event like that would be fun. I grew up watching WWF in the 80’s and 90’s then WCW and ECW (especially ECW), later in the 90’s…Oh well, maybe 32.


  4. Hey BrianG …uh, I’m an ADULT, too. And even though the WWE is relatively boring (with the exception of locally-groomed talent like CM Punk, Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan), a good pro wrestling show can be a great night’s worth of entertainment.

    And if you don’t think MMA and boxing matches are predetermined, you’re stroking yourself. I can tell you for a fact that MMA promoters, coaches and usually fighters know who’s going to win a fight the minute the match is signed.

    Meanwhile, having Mania in the city would have been a big financial boon to a town that can’t pay its teachers or keep its schools flush in #2 pencils. So when a big event wants to come to the city, we should welcome it. Whether we like the content or not. You won’t catch me at the One Direction show at the Linc next summer, but at least they’ll have a full house of people who are spending money in city limits.


    So congratulations on feeling superior to people who enjoy pro wrestling as entertainment. I’m sure there’s plenty of things you enjoy that we could shit on…like your mom.

    1. I don’t like feeling superior to others but I have no problem doing so with wrestling fans. You seriously have to be a mental midget with latent homo tendencies to enjoy that bullshit.

  5. Hey Guys, I’m running trips to WrestleMania and Levi’s will be donating a portion of the hotels and airfare to help my kid charities! Send those deposits in ASAP!!

    1. Tollie,

      Can you set up a Big Brother to spend some time with me and Little Ant? We need a normal role model in our life.

  6. Hey guys, I was going to sandwich in going to Wrestle Mania right between two bukkake fests, that’s not cool.

  7. Once again, Philadelphia and the arrogance of King Jeffery Lurie results in the city shooting themselves in the foot. No matter what your opinion of WWE and pro wrestling, having Wrestlemania at the Linc would’ve been a big financial boost for the city of Philadelphia. You’d probably figure about 60K would pack the Linc for Wrestlemania, so that’s millions of dollars, millions of dollars (apologies to the Prime Time Players) that won’t be spent in Philly.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this arrogance from King Lurie is why you’d never see, say, a PIAA District 1 championship game held at the Linc, much like the WPIAL (District 7, Pittsburgh area) holds their title games at Heinz Field.

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