Being the unconventional guy that he is, I half expected Chip Kelly to say that he would rest starters against the Bears on Sunday Night Football if the Cowboys beat the Redskins. Because if they do, the Eagles would still have to beat the Cowboys in Week 17 regardless of the outcome of the Bears game.

But nope. Conference seeding could still potentially be on the line, and Kelly will stick with the starters.

From Philly Mag:

“No,” he said. “We’ve got to play. We’re not in a situation where we’ve gotta rest anybody. We’ve got to play, we’ve got to get back on the winning track and we’ve got to be ready to play winning football. Our philosophy has always been, it’s on the line every single time you play, it’s not what goes on outside of there. We need to get better as a football team, everybody needs to play.”

“No, I’m going to live in a vacuum,” he said. “We’ll know the score. We all have phones and televisions and all that other stuff. But I mean am I going to be glued to the set? No. It is what it is. Whatever happens in that game still doesn’t affect us in terms of, we still have to go out and play the Chicago Bears. I don’t think we’re going to have  a victory party and say, ‘Heck, we’ve got to get over to the stadium, we have a game right now.’ We’ve gotta go play.”

The best part is that if the Cowboys lose (totally possible since the Redskins are playing with the perfect amount of I don’t give a shit right now and the Cowboys are bound to be tight), the Eagles could clinch the division. At home. On Sunday Night Football. During Christmas week. Yay things!