The Flyers Had Another Shootout Win Last Night and This ESPN Announcer Couldn’t Pronounce Any of Their Names

Voila_Capture903I totally get that hockey player names are difficult and can prove a major challenge to any anchor tasked with reading tens of highlights each night. So, we’ll give this unnamed ESPN talking head a pass on Michael Rafall.

But there’s absolutely no excuse for Claude Zirooo and Vincent Lecavulai, both of whom are household names in hockey (not to mention the fact that Lecavalier has been around for 800 years).

The Flyers won, 4-3, and Steve Mason was ridiculously fantastic.

Video highlights, complete with awful announcing, are after the jump. And boom goes the dynamite.

H/T to reader Patrick
Link here if video doesn’t play.

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14 Responses

  1. Ziroo. That’s Pathetic. Do they have absolutely not oversight to what they are putting out there? You can hear the guy squinting as he struggles through EVERY single last name. There is a momentary pause before each last name. So bad.

  2. It’s a shame, really, about this team. They’ve got good talent with their forwards and centers, and young talent to balance out veterans. They’ve shown an impressive toughness to come back from their terrible start. And they’ve got a goal tender.

    All of this is for naught, because this is the worst collection of defensemen I can recall on a Flyers team. Schenn is horrible. If they don’t get rid of this Coburn, I’m gonna lose my mind. Streit was a waste of money (even with his goal). Mezaros is awful.

  3. ESPN is just unwatchable anymore.

    Hard to believe that they used to have the best NHL coverage anywhere.

    That was so bad it almost sounded like a Ron Burgundy parody.

    Nice to see the Flyers with a winning record and that top line rolling!

  4. The game notes always contain a pronunciation guide…what a lazy idiot.

    Mason was damn good last night. Feels weird having a goalie that the media doesn’t shit all over after every game.

  5. ESPN probably thought the hockey game on the schedule was a prank and didn’t have anyone until the last minute to call it. The guy last night was the Rogers Areana janitor. Also Kyle, you left your socks under my sheets again last night. I have one swinging from my dick right now.

  6. Did they grab this guy off the street to do the highlights? Jesus. If you work for ESPN don’t you think you’d have a general knowledge of each sport? Where the hell did he even pull a Z from “Giroux”. Keep it simple, stupid.

    Stayed up to watch this and glad I did. Vinny’s goal in the SO was filthy. Also, Tom Sestito is a huge chode.

  7. Someone’s gotta tell those assholes how to pronounce my boo’s name! Scott HOrtnell? Granted I left him after I got pubic lice from his shitty hair, but he is still the love of my life… Aaaah skeet skeet muhf***az

  8. Can we just put the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals already. Once again Holmgren has proved all the doubters wrong. Firing Lavy and hiring Berube was a genius move. Ed Snider is vindicated. Glen Macnow stewing not being able to talk Flyers everyday as he is on KYW radio giving horticultural reports. WIP is now Eagles 24/7.

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