The Phillies are “Actively” Trying to Trade Dom Brown

Voila_Capture785It’s fairly difficult to be “actively shopping someone” when the report comes out as the GM is sitting in the retirement press conference of the greatest player he ever acquired or will ever acquire and sushing reporters… but we’ll take Jeff Passan at his word that the Phillies are, for some reason, trying to trade Dom Brown:

I don’t get the theme that the Phillies need starting pitching. That is the least of their problems. They can’t hit. Their lineup is old. They need good, controllable young talent that can hit baseballs. Brown may not be the guy his one-month swinging-dick fest might have led you to believe he was, but he’s arguably the Phillies’ best hitter – which isn’t saying much – and the nonstop reports that they want to trade him don’t make a lot of sense to me.

David Murphy, oh he of ust highest un cheeses, actually makes a good argument for why Brown is better than you think, for what Brown can do for you… and the Phillies:

So just stop with the “one good month” malarkey. Among players with at least 900 plate appearances since the start of the 2011 season, Brown’s .775 OPS during that span ranks ahead of Jason Heyward, Shane Victorino, Brian McCann, Brandon Phillips, Jon Jay, Michael Bourn, and, yes, your newest Phillies fan favorite, Marlon Byrd. Among players younger than 26, he ranks ninth, trailing Giancarlo Stanton, Paul Goldschmidt, Justin Upton, Bryce Harper, Freddie Freeman, Willin Rosario and Brandon Belt. In 1,032 career plate appearances, Brown has a .764 OPS and 107 OPS+. So he has been an above-league-average hitter for the equivalent of two full major league seasons, despite playing uninterrupted as a regular for only one campaign.

The question is why, after all of the development work that the organization has devoted to Brown, would they trade him away when he is right on the verge of showing just how good of a player he can be? He’s already given the Phillies plenty of reason to believe that he will, bare minimum, be an above-league-average hitter throughout his prime. Why trade him away for a hitter at a non premium position who has already peaked?

Because Ruben Amaro.

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17 Responses

  1. what are people so up in arms over the dallas gear pics? who effin cares! as much as i hate dallas, the guy still reserves the right to cheer for any team in another sport. unfortunately, fuckheads like angelo cataldi and rhea hughes who have nothing else better to piss and moan about declare it to be a violation and then instill within their mindless listeners that is a great atrocity!

    on another note, and though its pipe dreams, i would love it to be a trade for stanton. i would personally drive brown and his belongings to the airport.

    1. Athletes can root for whatever team they want…just be smart about it. You have to know that wearing Dallas gear won’t sit well with Philly fans…it’s common sense.

      1. i get that people were a bit upset with iverson when he wore a celtics hate during a press conference. not only was he wearing the hat of a divisional foe, but the hat of a historic rival too. it was an understood grievance then and had brown been donning mets gear then i would have some grievance with him. however, he plays baseball and its was the threads of a team in another sport. let’s face it, a lot of the city’s fan base are mindless drones that are easily influenced by the pompous blowhards of local radio, especially WIP which means when they like/dislike someone or something their flock of dumb sheep listens and bows.

  2. I’m really sick of this James Neal character. He only gets five games for kneeing dude in the back of the head. Guy has no respect for other players. But of course cause he’s a penguin he is only considered a first time offender.

  3. Dom Brown is from Florida. He’s owes us NOTHING but to play as hard as he can. (pause)
    I hoped against hope that I FINALLY found a Philly based sports site with a majority of intelligent commenters. But between the subtle(that means able to make refined judgments: intelligent, experienced, or sensitive enough to make refined judgments and distinctions) racial comments, dick jokes (some funny, pause) and total lack of self awareness, I may have to continue my search. I mean, I love Kyle like a play-cousin but SOME of y’all on this site are knuckle dragging mouth breathers. That being said, I did hear that the Phillies were in talks to bring Russell Westbrook in for Dom Brown, a couple of Primo Au-Diablo sandwiches and Marcus Hayes…….. LOL

  4. I’m sorry, but I can’t bring myself to care all that much about Dom Brown who parlayed one good month into more adoration than was deserved and then did next to nothing the rest of the season. If he winds up traded, I won’t shed any tears because he was never going to be a superstar on this team, and everybody knows that too. As for the Dallas jersey business, sure, Dom has the right to wear what he likes, but, at the same time, he should’ve been smarter and known better than to flaunt a Cowgirls jersey like he had, a big time mistake. Hell, if WIP never existed, fans would STILL be outraged over what he did. That’s just the way things are around here.

  5. The problem with Brown is that he is ABYSMAL in the field, which really hinders his overall value. He’s so bad in the field that he has to be REALLY good at the plate just to be a slightly above average aggregate player. And yeah, he had just one or two good months. I have major doubts that he’ll match last year’s numbers next year, and with his terrible fielding, he’ll be nearly a replacement level player. Provided the talent coming in return is decent, I actually think this may wind up being a good move. But with Ruben you can always count on him botching it up.

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