There are More Arrests in Philly When the Eagles Lose

Voila_Capture758Only the great Tim McManus would go the extra mile to bring you this level of detail.

Following a conversation with Mychal Kendricks in which Kendricks said that police commissioner Charles Ramsey told Eagles players in 2012 that crime actually goes up in Philadelphia when they lose, McManus decided to call the commissioner’s office to get the stats. Here’s what he found:

We took Kendricks’ advice and decided to look it up. More specifically, we contacted the Police Commissioner’s office to see if they could provide any data that would potentially support this theory. In response, they listed for Birds 24/7  the number of arrests, by category, on days of 1 o’clock Eagles games dating back to the 2011 season. There were 24 games in all, 11 of which were wins and 13 losses.

In this particular sample size, there was no significant difference when it came to serious crimes. There was a noticeable spike in the number of disorderly conduct arrests on days the Eagles lost, however. There were 19 disorderly conducts cited after wins and 64 following a loss. In other words, the number of those kind of arrests/gameday nearly tripled on days of losses in this sample.

Interestingly, 25 of those 64 arrests on the day of a defeat (40 percent) came during the two home losses to the Giants.

The conclusion? Philly gets a little more ornery following a loss, especially when New Yorkers are in town to rub it in. Sounds about right.

Then again… those figures don’t indicate the team allegiance of the offenders. Sooooo… maybe the New Yorkers are causing the trouble?


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  1. And in other bombshells of the day, the sun will set in the west tonight. You read it here first!

  2. not trying to be a dick but if youre so against the negative stereotypes of Philadelphia fans then why would you write an article about how many people get arrested at Eagles games?

  3. I’ve also noticed that Kacie McDonnell only posts about 10-12 selfies after an Eagles’ loss, and Sean Brace only hits on her 5-6 times the day after a loss.

  4. I smoke more crack after we win. I shoot more heroin after losses. It helps me with my extreme excitement or disappointment following games. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  5. Well, I assume in all cases the perps had some sort of face paint on, may or may not have been shirtless, surely drunk.

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