This Guy Beat the Shit Out of a Robber at His Wawa and Now He Wants to Work for the Flyers

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.19.44 PM Strange story on today in which the writer contributor (that’s the new thing over there– possibly unpaid contributors), John Featherman, interviewed Brandon Burwell, a former Wawa employee who was fired last month because he didn’t surrender money to a would-be robber and, instead, beat the shit out of him.

Burwell was let go because he violated Wawa’s policy on robberies, which is to just give up the money. Burwell didn’t, and instead…

Photo: FOX Philly
Photo: FOX Philly

… had to be separated from the would-be robber, who left looking slightly less intimidating than when he arrived:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.36.32 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.37.58 PM

Anyway, Burwell seems awesome, and he should get whatever job he wants (or else!). And perhaps oh so fittingly, he wants to work for the Orange and Black, presumably because they embrace his view on how to handle a situation:

His dream job would be to work for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey club. One cannot miss the Flyers sweat shirt Burwell was wearing.  “I’d love to do something with the players. Want me to pass them a stick? I’m fine with that.”

He’d also be happy as an auto mechanic or an airline mechanic.

Who’s Burwell’s role model on the Flyers? “Wayne Simmonds. He plays the game properly,” Burwell said. “And he can score.“

I wondered whether Simmonds’ race was a factor in Burwell’s choosing him as his favorite Flyer.

“Yeah,” Burwell told me.

Annnnnnnd those last few sentences are gonna force me to have to monitor the comments.

Burwell is working at a restaurant now, but I’d love to see him behind the bench, passing sticks or just hitting on that hot trainer we don’t see anymore:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.43.24 PM

Whatever happened to her?

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21 Responses

  1. He could take Luuko’s place. Could probably even out him on the 4th line when Rosehill is out.

  2. I went to school for sports administration and I’m not working for a sports team. What a shame, can I have a job with a sports team too. Great thanks

    1. Shut your fuckin mouth. The kids not gonna get a job with the flyers, and if he does, itll be a PR thing not a race thing. I suppose the fatass who dances at all the flyers games shouldnt have gotten that job as the ingame big screen host because he didnt do sports administration in school? Oh wait, youre fine with him because hes white. Fuck you. Youre a sorry ass sack of shit and the reason this country is in the god damn shitter. People like you are fucking clueless. Eat my fucking shit, clown.

      1. Actually this country started going into the shitter in the 1960’s with the hippies and the civil rights movement, everything was wonderful until then.

          1. Yeah what the fuck man why can’t all of us well-off white men realize that we are all fucking well-off white men?

    2. I agree you entitled little cockroach. So many tools took Sports Marketing & Management. Loved sports and the idea of holding some athlete’s Twinkie while he peed, what a great idea, right? None got jobs with sports after. One had a minor league baseball ticket sales stint.

      Should have taken general marketing then just applied for sports jobs you fucking weasel.

  3. Thought the first pic was the perp until I noticed the Flyers logo on his hoodie. Then I still thought, maybe, it WAS the perp and he stole the hoodie because that’d be more likely than a black kid having any interest in hockey.

    Oh and cheeky move, including the hot trainer pic, Kyle. I assume you thought it’d throw off some of the people about to post a racist comment.

      1. I wish I were privileged to go to college for free after pulling a C average in high school.

  4. I see the KKK has 3 of its finest members(catch a damn pass Vic Vinegar & Todd Maccullough) spewing their drunken racist filth as usual.

  5. Hahaha, this fast food scatter brain is classic. He’s going to go from Wawa to the Flyers, or aircraft mechanic, or doctor, or president. Oh hey, why not go to Penn and become a professor? No wonder Philly is in the shitter

  6. Lets get this guy some skates and see what he has, it already looks like he has a good grasp of what “Flyers Hockey” is all a-boat

  7. After looking more closely at the pictures of the would-be robber, I am fairly certain it was the same man who was pacing up and down Pine this evening in front of all the shops btwn 10-12 sts. He walked into Industry when I was buying a gift and asked the lady “Do you buy things?” Very awkward encounter and something was definitely off about the guy. He then proceeded to leave and continue his pacing. Hopefully they catch this dude soon.

  8. Is my man smiling in pic 1 because he just broke out if his prison like fortress? Clue one- open and unlocked prison door. Now careful, remember what happened when they gave Brooks a job in Shawshank. Bad stuff my man.

  9. Seriously stop posting shit about Don Tollefson and do an investigation on the whereabouts of that hot trainer. That’s interesting. Sick of seeing Tolly’s creep face.

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