Update on Snow Bowl Sweatshirts

Reader Chelsea

I promise, I’m not trying to jam these down your throats. If you read this site with any frequency, then you’ve seen the shirt. But people keep asking me about shipping and if they can still get them for A) this weekend and B) Christmas.

Our vendor has done a tremendous job printing and shipping these babies with no notice (last week, we just dumped a hot market item on them during their busiest time of the year). We placed our final order for shirts, so what’s listed as available right now is all that’s left. There are no plans to print more.

Shipping status:

– Orders placed early last week (Mon-Wed) have shipped and, in most cases, been received.

– Some orders placed Thursday have shipped. Most placed mid-day Thursday and on will be shipping today or tomorrow, via Priority Mail or FedEX Ground. Both of those claim a two-day ship window to this area, so, if you’re in or around Philly, you should receive by Friday (the Postal Service and FedEX don’t guarantee it, however) and in time for the weekend.

– Orders placed today should ship tomorrow as well.

– After that, figure up to a normal 24-hour processing window before the item ships. Overnight delivery remains an option on the Snow Bowl sweatshirts, meaning that, depending on availability, you can order through the weekend for shipment on Monday and still receive on Christmas Eve.

Get one.

You will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number when your order ships.

If you have any questions or want to upgrade your shipping, email: CROSSEDBROAD[AT]GMAIL[DOT]COM.

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Reader Mike

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  1. Does anyone else miss the days when this site wasn’t a complete sell-out. Jesus every damn post nowadays has nothing to do with sports. Everything is a money grab

    1. People keep asking me, Craig. I’m doing my best to keep people updated because I know that those who ordered want them in time for holiday parties.

    2. Yeah Craig, I mean Kyle is just doing the Lord’s work here during the holiday season! People are literally beating down his door to ask about a shitty sweatshirt that commemorates a regular season game that everyone has already moved on from. GET YOURS NOW!

  2. No Kyle Craig is right, it’s not just this sweatshirt you keep putting up, the survey every time we come on your site is just a complete sell out by you. Your site use to be a daily visit for me, not so much anymore with all the crap you have on there now.

    1. Kyle, in all seriousness, can you name one other site on the entirety of the internet that puts up the same multi-part mandatory survey to unlock the site that you’ve chosen to do here? Just point out one other site for us.

  3. I understand having to make money…it’s what makes the world go ’round. But you can contact people via email, instead of throwing advertisement after advertisement and then saying you’re trying to keep people updated. Just don’t bullshit about it.

    1. You people are idiots. Obivously if some people are asking then others are wondering. This is actually good, smart customer service. He has a website and is using it to – gasp – update customers on their orders. What a dick!!

  4. Got one in the mail yesterday and it’s short as fuck. I’m 6’1 and bought a large. The length of the shirt is short as fuck, my ass crack is constantly showing. Even more frustrating is the fact that the sleeves are baggy on a large (no im not a t-rex with short arms, fuck you)

    1. You can exchange for an XL, if you’d like. Should be contact information with the shipment.

    1. You mean an actual sweater like everyone else at a SWEATER party will be wearing? Nah, what you want is a shitty sweatshirt that looks like it came right off the Hanes rack at K-Mart.

  5. I can see Kyle giving Horse Teeth kacie McDonnell a free sweather so she tweets out a selfie with it on.
    Kind of like how she whores herself out for the free Mitchell n ness gear

  6. Kyle, what will be done with the sweatshirts that are not sold? Any chance you can donate them to the “Help Glen Get Back On His Feet Charity” as a means of helping a brother out? I need to get back in the cozy confines of the studio! By the way, do people still miss me?

  7. These sweathers look perfect for chicks to wear while making the guys pies, cookies & Xmas dinner

  8. These pictures are useless without this chicks face. I need to see the rest of her to determine if I want to add her to my spank bank!

  9. Would be nice to know where they ship from… or is it in the article and I missed that?

    Ground from California is 5-6 days.
    Ground from the North East Airport Industrial Park is basically next day.

    1. im sure its beijing china. check them for lead content. blogging and chinese sweatshirts do not put money back in to the US economy

    2. Actually.. it is covered in the post “in this area its basically 2 days” or something like that.

  10. “I promise, I’m not trying to jam these down your throats”

    *makes 45 posts in the past week about the sweatshirts*

    I’ve never been one to complain about the content on this site, but this isn’t content – its a sales pitch.

  11. I dont give two craps if Kyle tries to make a little cash.
    Cant do anything on the internet without getting a sales pitch.

    Are you familar with the site “YouTube”? its new… maybe you missed it. anyway, ya cant watch anything on there without being forced to watch advertisments. Cant go to any site without something popping out at ya,or seeing an ad saying “click this to continue to article”

  12. dude, its be easier to import them to an east coast port from china. Do i have to think of everything?

  13. “ships from ohio” way to keep business local Kyle, there are only 100 cheap local silkscreen printers who offer order fullfillment and quality materials, there are 3 in Montco alone. Buy your eagles shirt made in ohio, that’s fucked up Dude.

      1. Can’t get the chinese ones in 3x, however, the point is give the business to someone local if you can dickhead.

  14. Reader Chelsea will you please breast feed me? Mommy’s teats are saggy and worn out. They are also covered with a funny white liquid most of the time.

    1. Don’t worry Clarkie.. That white stuff is just Chickies and Pete’s Crab frie sauce! No need to worry BO.

  15. You guys should stop breakin Kyle’s stones!.. There’s nothing wrong with being a whore.. Just ask the Cuz I read more live commercials than Howard Stern before he went to Satalite radio! Anybody looking for A 2014 jeep Cherokee? Perfect justin time for all this bad weather! Hey Kyle I’ll take some of the heat off you BO! Just let the Cuz read a spot for the AWESOME snow bowl ugly sheatshirt Christmas sweater thing. Just throw in a couple XXL for me, TK3, silent bro and Steve Trevalise. Oh yeah and a blog entry about how good lil Ant and Massimo are doing with their pop warner football career… I gotta put the wheels in motion early to make sure they get the jump on the NFL. I’m not sure blowing Howie is gonna help me by the time their ready for the draft! THAAANX BROTHA!!! YOURE AWWWWESOME!

      1. Hey man thanks Mikey, I appreciate it man! Why don’tcha stop down to Chickies on Monday I’d love to meet ya! Since the goose ain’t around I got some extra scwag to give away. How bout a sling box t-shirt? I only have extra small though. I think I have a leftover PRIMOS gift card from when we used to play who’s that guy, nobody can’t beat the Cuz at jerking off old time local sports legends and since the goose ain’t coming back you can have what’s left of the gift card. That is if the goose didn’t lift it on his way out. Look forward to seeing ya down there BO!

  16. Kyle, keep on keepin on brother. All of these negative ass clowns obviously have no life. The shirt is badass

  17. Reader Chelsea should be your official site model for the crossingbroad clothing line you’re pushing.

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