Videos: Flyers Do a Surprise Military Welcome Home and Honor Danny Briere

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 8.18.56 AMSometimes their culture ain’t that bad.

Two classy moves by the Flyers (hey, a win!) last night to honor two very different people.

First up, Private First Class Matthew Windish, who surprised his family by coming out of a giant G.I. Joe(-ish) box during a stoppage in play.

Chris had actually been home for a week, but the surprise, organized by his brother, was kept from his parents until last night. Here’s how the family explained it, in a transcript provided by the Flyers:

Windish family- big surprise here tonight. Mom, what was your initial reaction?

Mom: I was surprised. First I thought he was coming home, but then I didn’t think he was going to. I just thought it was going to be a video, but when they opened up that box and I saw his face… we have missed him so much this past year. It was an awesome surprise.

How did you manage to hide him for a whole week?

Chris: We went up to York, PA where I went to college. I have some friends up there that held him hostage for a little bit, then he came home.

Matt: I just hung out with a few friends, tried to keep it low, stayed off of Facebook.

Mom: It was a great surprise because when Chris first told us about this I went on to his friends Facebook profiles just to see if anybody said anything like, “Matt’s home”- anything to get an inkling about it, but there was nothing. Everybody kept it a really good surprise.

Aunt: I knew he was home though, I felt that he was home.

I cry during every one of these troop return videos. Every one.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 8.36.45 AM

Second: Danny Briere. He is firmly a made man within the OB ranks and will return once he retires. Look for him at functions and Alumni events for the next 40 years. So, naturally, and deservingly, he got a tribute video and a standing ovation.

Both videos – Chris Matthew Windish’s and Danny Briere’s return home – are after the jump.

Funny how Mike Richards only got a half-assed announcement about 10 seconds before a faceoff during his return.

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15 Responses

  1. I was at Mike Richards’ first game back and was pissed they didn’t give him more. It was basically a photo of Richards after scoring that epic goal vs. Montreal in the 2010 playoffs with Lou Nolan addressing the crowd. Also pissed me off the fans booed Richards everytime he touched the puck as if he left the team on his own terms.

    Anyway, good stuff all around by the Flyers last night.

    1. Mike Richards was a dope who had a slightly better than average career here and was one of the team’s worst captains.

      He didn’t leave the team on his own terms but it was his dickhead actions that caused the team to trade him. He deserved to get booed.

  2. I can’t stand these troop return surprise videos.
    Its so contrived and stupid.
    Who are they really doing it for?
    Yeah, a nice pat on the back for themselves.
    Good war. High Five.
    Please stop.

          1. lol what does 1000% the man even mean? that he can follow orders better than the rest of us? he’s a good little livestock? notice politicians’ kids don’t ever see active duty? hmmm….

  3. Classy move by all.

    Briere deserves every bit of that. He was a terrific player for the Flyers, even underrated somewhat, IMO. If not for Leighton falling apart in the Finals (especially game #1), the Flyers win the Cup in 2010 & Briere would have won the Conn Smythe (and would be a Philly sports legend).

    Of course, then we’d still have Richards & Carter, the Kings would be Cup-less . . . and my Mike Richards Winter Classic jersey would not seem so out of date, but I digress.

  4. listen. Word is going around that the Flyers are working to bring Richie back. Idea is to ship B.Schenn and L.Schenn with a 1st RD pick. Holmgren is trying to save his job and views Richie as missing link to a cup run. Futher, this may be done by the conclusion of this weekend. Richie is welcoming trade back, still has his condo here.

    1. what street are you looking down? That would be the all time worst move ever. Three first round picks for Mike Richards? LOL

  5. Not to go bah humbug on it, but wasn’t it slightly cruel to hide G.I. Joe from his parents for a week? I mean, these guys (thanks, by the way) don’t get all that much leave time in general. To burn a week of it pulling a surprise on his mom and dad… well, if it was my son, I’ d hug the hell out of him, then smack his ass so hard it’d wake up Osama Bin Laden so we could kill him again. You can’t fuck with mom like that.

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