What’s the Phanatic Say? Video is Outstanding

Probably the best thing the Phillies (with the help of Major League Baseball?) have done in quite some time. What’s the Phanatic Say?

The lead singer in this is a Phillies employee who frequently takes part in on-field bits with the Phanatic and whom I think plays the backup Phanatic as well. The video also features former Phanatic, Dave Raymond, who tweeted a teaser last week:

Good stuff.

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48 Responses

  1. And that’s the high point of the 2014 Phillies season ladies and gentleman…it’s not gonna get any better than that.

    1. I want to disagree, I really do…but then I think…and drink…and drink some more and I can’t…..SIGH.

  2. Oh my God, that was really uncomfortably hideous.
    It’s official, scientists have determined that a 4-month delay in copying something is exactly long enough to appear totally out of touch with pop culture.
    For fuck sake, so many questions….why aren’t the un-creative lyrics even remotely matching the syllables in the tune? Who is this supposed to appeal to, the two Nepalese sherpa’s who aren’t already sick to effing death of that song? How much did this cost to make, and who wasted it? And why wasn’t this idea immediately shit-canned when SNL came out with their funny but very-late spin on it over a month ago?
    There’s bad and then there’s bad. This is brutal.

  3. So far Kacie McDonnell has only posted two pictures of herself on twitter, plus a YouTube video from her appearance on the Bruno and Mayes show today. Why go so conservatively, Kacie? Everyone loves when you beg for compliments.
    And does Aaron Murray know his days are numbered now that he’s no longer an NFL prospect?

    1. I always love when douche bags comment to her how beautiful she is when she posts selfies like she’s 15.
      Also Seems like kacie has been smelling herself lately. Thinks she’s an A list celebrity

  4. this instead of the news about Charlie Manuel possibly joining the Phils front office?

    just guessing you’re workin on that one

    1. He explained in his interview on the Fanatic that he generally shoots for strange, off the beaten trail kind of stories. Not things you’d see in normal news. This kind of blog is like one of those gossip magazines you see in the check-out aisle.

    1. Bigbee, you’re gone and I’m still here, so chew on that for awhile.

      Rhea’s a great asset to this station, and I’m glad to have taken her under my [wing].

  5. Rhea’s almost as clueless as that bimbo that was on the “Rod and the Lady Rae” overnight show a few years back.

    Rod: Rae, what do you think about [whatever topic the caller brought up]?

    Rae: Hmm…. I don’t know, ya know?

    Rod (trying to be nice, and move on): Yes, I agree.

  6. Daddy was listening to the Glen & Ray show this morning, to find out what topics were of interest to Philadelphia sports fans.

  7. It was great to be back on the air inflicting my brand of arrogance on the listeners. Anyone notice that when i work with Didinger I start every sentence off with “Ray ….”. I hope it’s as annoying as I think it us

  8. ah-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAAAA. kee-kee-kee-kee-kee.

    This was AWESOME BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Cool-day-la 100%. Even though I grew up in New Jersey, I’m DOOOOOWN with this, cuz!!!!!!

  9. Man, the Panatic is so dope. That cat is always on top of the latest trends. The Streak, The Twist and zany antics on the dugout, blocking people’s view make me laugh harder than Cuz the Maxwell Club dinner.

  10. You know Matt Mehler (the philly phanatic in the video) coaches the varsity girls basketball team at his daughters school

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