Photo: Phans of Philly

Joe DiBiaggio, the co-founder of Phans of Philly, the local road-tripping company we’ve partnered with for several events, led a group of Flyers fans to Nashville this weekend. They remained in the Music City until today and, last night, ran into the VANCOUVER CANUCKS at a bar. The Canucks are in town to play the Preds on Tuesday.

Joe explains what happened next:

We were at The Stage in Nashville, and there were about 15 Canucks there. The band kept giving shoutouts to Philly because we all had Flyers gear on. We were doing Eagles chants and Flyers chants in response. I had a Couturier shirt on, and someone came up asking if I knew him. We started shooting the Shit, and he introduced himself and it was [former Flyer Tom] Sestito. He said Vancouver is 10 times better than Philly, and that Philly is a dump. He went out of his way to ask a dumb question, and tell me that. We stopped talking, and went on with the night. Ryan Kesler ended up getting on stage, and sang “Real Men of Genius.” He tried to slide on his knees and completely failed, so we gave him a nice “asshole” chant and “let’s go Flyers” chant. He smashed his bottle on the ground, and got kicked out. A couple Canucks followed, and one guy called out someone in our group. He stood at the door and said in a funny russian accent, “You little piece of shit whenever you are ready to step outside come see me” and then did a creepy smile with no teeth. Everyone laughed in his face. That’s when Sestito walked by, and screamed “fuck the Flyers” to everyone. We started heckling Luongo, and things started to get a little out of control. The bouncers escorted them to the 2nd floor private area. We booed them up the steps. Some of their guys started throwing ice at us from the 2nd floor. Things calmed down, and went on with the night. Unfortunately, no photos or video of the incident, as far as I know.

Just a funny random encounter. Both Sedins were cool as hell though, and shot the shit with a couple guys in our group. Asking why we were here, and telling us we saw a great game. Actually saw both at breakfast today, and gave us a fist pump.

You can join Phans of Philly on their next trip, to D.C., on December 15.


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