Voila_Capture587I continue to be fucking amazed at the reception that Crossing Streams is getting. In under two months, we’re at 15k listens and hundreds of subscribers. And we’ve cracked the top new and noteworthy in iTunes:


We continue to get better at editing and getting the audio levels consistent, but I’d say the quality is quite good compared to most podcasts at this point. So, thanks for listening. We have a really good guest coming on next week. Who’s that guy? You’ll find out on Tuesday.

But I know a lot of people listen to these on the drive home and over the weekend, so here again is the most recent episode, in which we discussed Wheels and Sarge getting the boot and welcomed Dave Warner of WhatYouPayForSports.com to discuss the Phillies’ new TV deal and cord-cutting. Subscribe in iTunes. Or listen here.


And on that note, I can tell you that I get the most feedback and emails on the cord-cutting-related posts and discussion on Crossing Streams. Which is just perfect, because fashion editor Dan Fuller and I have been working on a totally unrelated podcast about that very matter: Cord Snipped. Quite frankly, this has nothing to do with Crossing Broad, but I expect, based on your feedback, that many of you will like it. Dan is an engineer and helps explain the technical side of things when we discuss Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc. I come at topics from a business and viewer standpoint. The show contains substantially less snark and color than this site or the other podcast, and dare I say it’s a smart conversation about changing viewing habits and streaming content. Ms. CB thinks it’s fucking nerdy, and she’s probably right. But you’ll enjoy it.


We’ve recorded three episodes. Well, two. We kind of cheated on the third and duplicated the interview with Warner. Thought it fit both. Anyway, this, like Crossing Streams, will be a weekly thing, so subscribe to it in iTunes.* Or, if you’d prefer, listen to, download, or grab the RSS feed here.

*Yes, it does use this logo. It just hasn’t updated in iTunes yet.