Attention Robbers: DeSean Jackson Will Be Away From His Home Next Week

He’s going to the Pro Bowl.

From Pro Football Talk:

The two teams switched roles on Friday. The Eagles announced that wide receiver DeSean Jackson has been added to the roster, which will be divided into teams during a draft conducted by Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders, with Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson bowing out.

If the Pro Bowl happens but no one watches it, does it actually happen?

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34 Responses

  1. I’ve been saying for years that they should scrap the pro-bowl and bring back the skills competition.

    NFL QB Challenge
    Fastest 40
    Jug machine catching contests
    Spectacular catch contest
    Weight lifting

    That would be entertaining. I remember watching Randal Cunningham destroy the NFL QB Challenge back in the day. That stuff is exponentially more entertaining AND more marketable then a glorified flag football game. They won’t do it though because something, something Roger Goodell sucks cock…something, something…complete.

    Fucking. Amateurs.

    1. Let me tell you something, pandejo. You try any of your crazy shit with us, you flash your piece out on the lane, I take it away from you and stick it up your ass and pull the fucking trigger till it goes click.

  2. The best thing chip kelly could do during the draft is trade desean when he is not looking maybe buffalo. I never seen a receiver get so much pub who can’t catch 100 balls in a year (which ain’t a lot). Run anywhere never the middle and can’t run a cross route. They need to draft a receiver.

    1. You sound like a divorced bitter lonely depressed middle aged poor excuse of a woman who stumbled onto to sports blog and now litter it with racist filth.

      What are you about 5’5″ 200lbs sitting on your miserable fat funky cottage cheese ass living off us taxpayers.

      My advice to you Candy is to seek professional help ASAP.

      1. Get outta here with that garbage.. Candy (and imitators using that handle) has been posting here for years. How long, exactly, have you been posting here? Fookin tosser

    1. speaking of being burgled, chase utley robbed me of a good interview the other day! why is he so reticent?! am i right???

  3. actually even though they’re racist jokes candy usually hits the nail on the head i love his commentary… theres a reason philly turned into a dump and theres a reason its getting better now

      1. Hey there, I am personally offended by your comment. My team and I have been working hard to improve our neighborhoods. It’s difficult when things have been neglected by a long line of white mayors.


  4. Too much drama. I told you that today on my show. I predicted he will be traded because as you know the Eagles tell me everything.

  5. There hasn’t been a white mayor in two decades. Never their fault though, always whitey. Petulant children, grown men who walk around with flat brims, pants hanging off their asses talking about being men… Please!! Not a racist, just the truth!

      1. Ya, you keep telling yourself that “truth”, my man.

        “Chump don’t want no hep, chump don’t get no hep.”


      2. And make sure you union workies keep the wage taxes comin’ in. City council and ex-mayor pensions gotta still be paid.


  6. I wonder if Jackson will be tweeting about “How I got to the Pro Bowl on the backs of injured and disinterested players”? He could consult with Donny McPuke, and expert on the subject.


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