Budweiser Has Already Won for Best Super Bowl Commercial

I hate Budweiser and think they’re a symbol for everything that is wrong with the world. But they’ve just won the Super Bowl commercial game.

I had to leave my dog with a pet sitter for three days last week. THREE DAYS. I was a wreck driving away. Like Natalie Portman when they shaved her head in V For Vendetta. Glad the horse tracked down his best bud. I know the feeling, big guy.


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  1. Two years in a row. Last year it was the guy who raised the horse, then the horse takes off and chases after him…

    Budweiser is Delco in a can (never bottle)…but they’ve got some damn fine advertisng.

  2. lame.

    i would have rathered watched another commercial of pitbull rapping with a bud light.

    budweiser puts the same commercial theme out every year for the superbowl, and their beer is still garbage.

    remember kyle, beer can smell the menstruation.

  3. An awful commercial for an awful beer featuring an awful song. Budweiser just rolls out the same rehashed clydesdale themed commercial each year. Next year it’ll be a horse, a grown dog and a kitten.

  4. Damn Kyle this commercial sucks,you should be sued for false advertisement.

  5. ok, im just going to ask…….how is the F is this advertising? im picturing a a dozen of advertising people sitting in a conference room tapping their pencils on their desk when one genius proudly blurts out, “i know how we can see more beers….lets show the bonding relationship between a horse and a puppy while a life reflection song plays!”

  6. Christ…you people are worse then Nihlists…

    Nihilists. Fuck me. I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

    1. I’m pretty sure the Lebowski quotes are played. Get some new material chief.

  7. People! They’re commercials! They all suck, and are a waste of our time. It’s unbelievable how many lemmings have been sucked into the “Oh I can’t wait to see this year’s Super Bowl (TM) commercials!” mindset that the media has created.


    (This comment brought to you by Forman Mills)


  8. Not the best day in the office huh?

    Doesn’t know 106 and park, delivering beer is apparently illegal in PA and this is a a good commercial

  9. That commercial was horrible…

    I feel like I just watched a summary of some kind of Romantic comedy or something.

    1. You are not John Kruk’s tummy…You can’t be…because you’re cold, dead and empty inside.

  10. Kyle, just how many Morrissey playlists do you have on your pink iPod? One for rainy days, and one for when you feel like dancing?

  11. The amazing part of the commercial is when you have a tear form in your eye, and the tear rolls down into your mouth. The bland salty taste of the tear reminds you of a Budweiser.

    1. Agreed. Great commercial. Internet tough guys will post how it’s gay though because they never escaped the high school mentality.

  12. How can you hate Budweiser? Best beer in the fuckinng world. Anyone who says otherwise is a pussy.

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