Voila_Capture1073Matt Stairs joined Kevin and I this week (at 17:20). We talked about the 2008 Phillies, ass-hammering, Pat Burrell being a great teammate, why the current Phils need better chemistry, steroids, fans running onto the field, and working in the media. He is a big hockey fan and a high school hockey coach. We talked about the sport, his favorite team, and Claude Giroux being left off Team Canada. Stairs is in town for his first Wing Bowl and also:

We had planned to talk with him before Eskin put out that Tweet. But we asked him about it and this was his response:

Are you going to be interviewing for color job with the Philles?


Howard Eskin tweeted out, “I hear Phillies are bringing in former Phillie Matt Stairs this week…”

“I’m trying to figure out how that rumor got out there.”

Well, Howard Eskin put it out there. It’s from two days ago.

“We’ll leave it at that.”

Since our interview, Todd Zolecki has confirmed Eskin’s report and said that Stairs will likely be the last candidate to interview for the job. Jamie Moyer, Kevin Stocker, Mickey Morandini and Mitch Williams are also finalists.


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Show notes:


And this:

And this, which will make sense later:


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