Awwwwww shiiiiiiiiiit 10 mode ya boi D-Jac’s ex str8 turnt in dat Lambo wit da Biebs before his arrest ya herrr meh what it do baby one time !!

Chantel Jeffries, DeSean Jackson’s ex, has taken gold digging to a whole new level, riding around with Biebs in his Lambo… at the time of his arrest!

From Hollywood Life [via Busted Coverage]:

While she was behind the wheel in the photo, Justin was driving when the police arrived at 4:09 AM, police confirmed to HollywoodLife.com.

Khalil posted a photo of Chantel driving Justin in the Lambo, captioning it “U know bizzle brought that lambo out.” However, she was not arrested, we can confirm.

So, who is Chantel? She’s a model who became extremely popular on Instagram and on the “underground urban model circuit,” according to her bio.

VH1 Basketball Wives star Draya hired Chantel to launch her product lines, Mint-Swim and Fine-A– Girls. She also has been romantically linked to NFL star, Desean Jackson and Justin CombsDiddy‘s son.

Tough month for DeSean. First he gets neutralized in an NFL playoff game. Then his house gets robbed. And now his ex becomes Kato Kaelin famous by driving around in Bieb’s Lambo the night of his arrest.

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You talk about stepping up your game– going from a borderline NFL star with a non-guaranteed contract to THE BIEBS. That is how you gold-dig and become famous. DeSean Jackson will be a headline-grabber for a few more years, maybe, but he’ll probably be broke someday when his rap game fails. But the Biebs? Awwwww no. We’re talking generation-shaping wealth plus an inevitable public implosion that will create ancillary stars the likes of which the world has never seen when it all comes to a screeching halt on a Miami road early one January morning. Boom, instant street cred for Chantel. Well played, sista! WELLLLLLL PLAYED.

Here’s a full photo gallery of Chantel, which includes pictures of D-Jac.

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