Here’s one you weren’t expecting: Spike Eskin saved Angelo Cataldi’s life yesterday.

Per the conversation on the WIP Morning Show today, Eskin performed the Heimlich on Cataldi during a video shoot for a spoof of a Super Bowl commercial yesterday. As part of the skit, Angelo had to eat a cheesesteak while performing a dance move, but swallowed too much meat (…). He began choking, and that’s when Spike stepped in.

Peter Mucha of the Inquirer has the transcription from the show:

Eskin at first wondered if Cataldi, known for overdramatizing and kidding, was kidding.

When he realized it was serious, it was “here we go,” Eskin said.

“I think I must have done it five or six times before it came out,” Eskin said.

Cataldi hadn’t been able to breathe for about a minute, he said.

Why were your clothes on the floor next to you? cohost Keith Jones mockingly asked.

“We’re married in seven countries,” Eskin joked back.

And in 16 states.

Here’s Cataldi reacting to the headline.

The comments on this one should be fun.


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  1. Spike! That’s so AWESOMEEEE Cuz, good for you man! Imagine if this happened to me..What would Mas do without me!? Wish it happened to Glen instead…

    Forreal though. First, this story is so fucking fake it makes me sicker than Angelo’s colon. Secondly, if it were to actually happen I think we can all agree that we wish it would be Rhea

    1. Please dude, you must be gay. My ultimate fantasy is banging Rhea and Dei Lynam suffocating me with her giant boulders.

        1. Dei. She has a rack like Christy Canyon.

          Now Rhea, I want to motorboat her 12 inch clit like I’m playing the kazoo.

    2. Won’t be long until Rob Ellis quits or gets fired after brawling that fat fake South Philly toughguy Gargano.

  2. I miss the days when the original Angelo was here and would claim that he puke that meat up on Rhea’s veal cutlets and make Morganti eat it off. Then diarrhea in her mouth.

  3. This is total BS; believe me if it were true Cataldi would have taken himself to the ER and gotten a day off for it. He is such a crybaby.

  4. Total Bull Shit story! Trying to promote wing bowl which has “Jumped the Shark” Sad state of affairs for Morning Sports talk in Philly. Between the garbage on WIP and the lame Mike & Mike show.

  5. I can’t believe that Spike Eskin, aka Rocky Dennis, would save that fat whale Cataldi. We could have had Julie Dorenbos as the new show host and we could have all imagined her huge tits everyday while driving to work. Then we could have fired that no talent baba booey looking Rhea.

    1. Julie Dumbass can’t put 3 words together. I’d be a much better host.

      (Oh, and Baba Booey has brown hair. YOU don’t want to get on my bad side, Glen!)


  6. Also I would hope that that fat ass Cataldi would stop referring to Natalie Egenoff as the smoke show. She is average at best with a below average body. Maybe a 5 or a 6 at best.

    1. Looking at her photos, Natalie is a very attractive woman but “smokeshow” should be reserved for college-aged chicks wearing bikinis.

      1. I would say that Natalie is probably a 6 maybe a 7. She has no rack and had alot of problems reading the cue cards on tv. But all and all she is a little better than average.

  7. I know people will think I’m lying, but I’ll tell my breif Spike Eskin story anyways:

    I vividly recall a conversation I had with Spike when he started doing rock radio for WYSP at night spinning records and talking a bit between songs. He point-blank told me “I’m not even a sports fan, I’m a music guy” and also commented “When I was younger and tried watching sports, I didn’t even like the Eagles, I was a cowboys fan.”

    He was trying as hard as possible to get away from his Dad’s image. It makes my skin crawl listening to this fraud on sports talk now. Dude is in it for the paycheck, he’s essentially a fucking hipster that’s forced to cover sports.

    1. Let me repeat myself. My post above is not a fucking troll comment one bit. I had that conversation with him probably back in 2008 or 2009.

      1. Yea that sounds about right. My buddy worked at WYSP in the mid 2000’s with Spike and he was all about rock music, new next to nothing about Philly sports. But I can’t blame the guy, it was take the sports job or hit the welfare lines.

      2. dude who cares? I’m willing to bet half of the staff of WIP and the Fanatic dont care about sports either? You think people like Cataldi actually put the effort in to watch games? They have not a clue about sports. They just focus on what is going to sell to the fans for the week. In addition, im sure a lot of these guys are just tired of it after covering it for so long. the only ones that really love and follow sports are the ones that are new to the industry

        1. most of them are relatively clueless. They have WIP/ESPN employees give them topics and facts to talk about and most of them never answer any insightful questions….just make their airtime responding to the 8th guy today asking if Foles if for-real. Ike Reese is one of the few guys on either station I enjoy listening too because he actually played once and always shares quite a few insights from the locker room / field / etc. But he cares about Michigan State / Lakers more than any pro or college team in Philly. You are crazy if you think he goes home and watching Flyers-Islanders instead of Sparty-Ohio State.

          They spend their evenings writing books that end up at Ollies Outlet for $2.99 next year or watching movies instead of games. Truly listen and they’ll even say “i missed that game” “i didn’t watch it” when it’s the only sports related event on television that night.

  8. Too bad.. shoulda let that fat disgusting pig choke. Spikes cool, but sheckler’s comments the truth. He stumbled into the job at wip when they took over wysp. alot of ysp’ers who had no interest in sports trickled over to wip…

    1. Spike Eskin is a loser. If you have anything to say negative about him, he will block from Twitter and respond with childish remarks. Let’s face it without his dad, he would be selling pretzels at the corner of Broad and Oregon. Total loser.

      1. I’ll remember to scratch my balls and wiggle my finger in my asshole next time you buy pretzels off me.

  9. I wouldn’t have saved that fat turd. He’s lucky it was my son around and not me. By the way see me at Ponzio’s on Saturday morning while I’m eating my waffles with loads of butter and syrup followed by 3 cheese blintzes.

  10. I don’t know what happened as everyone on Samson St knows I have always been able to swallow a lot of meat with no problem.

  11. Nat is only a stepping stone for me.
    I’ll wear that out, then move on.
    NFL draft baby! Check out my stats!

  12. It’s a little bit depressing to think that allegedly that close to being suddenly rid of Angelo Cataldi with total finality.

  13. Son of a bitch, my prayers were almost answered. God damn you Spike Eskin. It would be so nice not to have to hear that ass clown verbally rape every set of tits that walks into the WIP studio.

  14. Spike Eskin saved Cataldi’s life?

    Like Jonesy said (many times) after saving Lindros’ life: “Everybody makes mistakes.”




    1. Wait, is this Desean Jackson? He’s the only one dumb enough not to know the dollar sign goes to the left of the number.


  15. I wish that loud mouth Cindy Webster PR person for Wip would just leave. She is nothing more than and old groupie.

    1. Groupies?

      Cole Hamels has Cindy Webster,
      Kent Tekulve has that chaperone lady in “A League of Their Own”


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