Here’s one you weren’t expecting: Spike Eskin saved Angelo Cataldi’s life yesterday.

Per the conversation on the WIP Morning Show today, Eskin performed the Heimlich on Cataldi during a video shoot for a spoof of a Super Bowl commercial yesterday. As part of the skit, Angelo had to eat a cheesesteak while performing a dance move, but swallowed too much meat (…). He began choking, and that’s when Spike stepped in.

Peter Mucha of the Inquirer has the transcription from the show:

Eskin at first wondered if Cataldi, known for overdramatizing and kidding, was kidding.

When he realized it was serious, it was “here we go,” Eskin said.

“I think I must have done it five or six times before it came out,” Eskin said.

Cataldi hadn’t been able to breathe for about a minute, he said.

Why were your clothes on the floor next to you? cohost Keith Jones mockingly asked.

“We’re married in seven countries,” Eskin joked back.

And in 16 states.

Here’s Cataldi reacting to the Philly.com headline.

The comments on this one should be fun.