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The Core 4 just turned into that friend you have on Facebook who moved to LA and posts pictures of tan people and dimly lit lounges.

I always feel for Flyers beat writers when they have to go to difficult locales such as Columbus, Edmonton and… a Core 4-tastic beach house somewhere near Laguna Beach.


Ah yes, the difficult life of a traveling scriptual.


Last night, Tim Panaccio of CSN Philly and Sam Carchidi of the Inquirer tweeted pics from Selanne Steak Tavern, Teemu Selanne’s high-end steak joint on the Pacific. They were joined by Selanne himself (!) and Panaccio’s college roomate, Tom Lucas, who I’m told – get this – is playing host to Panaccio, Carchidi and 20-something-year-old Dave Isaac of the Courier Post at his beach house. Yep. Three of the Core 4. On the beach. Frolicking. Cue it, Pac:


I’m hearing that former Flyers beat writer Randy Miller was scheduled to meet them on the left coast, but his new gig covering the Devils (and pissing off counterpart reporters) has precluded him from taking part in the festivities.

Earlier this month we learned that, due to budget constraints, CSN had cut beat reporter travel and, specifically, Tim’s expense account. Maybe Teemu picked up the tab last night?