For Some Strange Reason, the Flyers Will Play the Carolina Hurricanes at 6 p.m. Tomorrow

The Flyers just announced that their game with the Hurricanes will be rescheduled for 6 p.m. tomorrow. 6. The digit at the very bottom of the clock. Why? Who knows! The Hurricanes and Flyers have a game on Thursday night, so perhaps as a condition of canceling the game tonight, they get to get out of here an hour earlier tomorrow. The Canes’ game on Friday will now be moved to Saturday.

The game will air on the Comcast Network and WMMR.

Meanwhile, good luck making it to the game on time.

UPDATE: Or, as some have pointed out on Twitter, NBCSN has certain rights to Wednesday night time slots. Either way, game at 6.

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7 Responses

  1. only a stunod would sit down and watch a silly sport like hockey. at least put some rock salt down first so you dont slip, nah mean?

    1. AAH poor little insignificant hockey fan is upset with Mikey Miss for not talking about hockey(LOL).

  2. haha the Flyers really think fans can get across the bridges, schuylkill, or across that useless airport 95 construction at 5pm. I’ll take the under on 1/4 capacity at the puck drop.

  3. all the whining from the Flyers beat writers about wanting the game cancelled really pissed me off last night. Bunch of m’f”n Bitches. Baicker finds something new to complain about everyday, Carchidi,panaccio and Isaac haven’t changed a damn thing even after this blog basically pointed out what a lazy group of out of touch writers they are. Seravelli is the only one I can tolerate, but mostly I find myself staring at his hair and thinking “what the fuuu”

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