Game-Watch Party Tonight at the Philly Phaithful Showroom in Northern Liberties

Voila_Capture920Looking for a place to watch the game tonight but don’t want to be stuck in a crowded bar? Let me recommend Philly Phaithful’s showroom, on 4th street in Northern Liberties. I can’t make it, but you should… make it. $5 gets you beer, snacks, t-shirt specials and A GIANT 7,000-FOOT HD SCREEN (it’s not that big, but it’s close) on which to watch the game.

Mention Crossing Broad at the door. Is that the red or the white? I can never remember that! White? YES!!!


7 Responses

  1. Bhahahahaha, watch an Eagles game in “lame, I’m too cool hipster, what is football, gayborhood, northern finger stuck up my ass liberties”. You suck Kyle and so do all your faggot friends. Later tool.

  2. Yea, let me grab my multicolor tight sweater and jeans that look dumb but fit in and read a book while discussing who’sfedora is more rad. You gotta be fucking kidding me with this post. Dude, turn in your card.

  3. Meet me at Queen Shebas(45th & Baltimore ave) for the riggidy raw nose candy while you watch the Eagles beat down the Saints.

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