Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 7.56.46 PMThere’s a Q&A on the Eagles’ website detailing the snow removal process at the Linc:

How do you get the snow out of the seating bowl?
“We use the black chutes and we shovel the snow into the chutes. The chutes bring the snow down to the field. The mechanical equipment, the front-end loaders, they pick it up, take it out and dump it in the parking lot.  From there, they take it from the parking lot and put it in the dump trucks. The city and the Navy Yard work with us. We take it and dump it on the old airport in the Navy Yard.”

Where do you find the 400 workers?
“We work with a contractor, American Winter Services, and we also reached out to some of the local unions, too.”

Are the workers on their own or do you help them with equipment and to stay warm?
“There are a couple different processes. We check the people when they come in and we also supply them with a winter hat, winter gloves, hand warmers, foot warmers, and any PPE equipment also.”

Good call on the gloves. There was no mention of the fan who lost his fingers shoveling snow before the 2005 NFC Championship Game.