Introducing the three most popular shirts in town this month.




If I had a nickel for every time somebody asked me when we were doing a Crossing Broad shirt, I’d be about half a rich as the guy who gets a nickel every time someone asks me when our IOS app is coming out. But still, I’d be rich. So here it is. Printed on premium Next Level tri-blend material as soft a sheep’s ass… if a sheep’s ass was pre-shrunk and included not only cotton, but also polyester for durability and rayon to create a form-fitting, slimming look. Get one.







Get one.




The most handsome man in college basketball declares Victory. I posted a preview of this last week and my inbox blew up. You might want to act quickly on these. Get one.

The Believe and Victory shirts are printed on high-quality Anvil ringspun cotton. Soft, durable and a little form-fitting. The CB shirt is a Next Level premium tri-blend. All are $25. PayPal is accepted.

And we’re moving to clearance the remainder of GeezusBig Shot and 10 Mode shirts. $15 for those.

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