Voila_Capture1021I love this and do look forward to the prospect of seeing buffalo sauce make nice and find shelter inside Jason Kelce’s sweet, sweet beard.

From CBS Philly:

Kelce told the 94WIP Morning Show on Tuesday that he’ll eat wings at Wing Bowl 22, January 31st at the Wells Fargo Center.

“Absolutely, no question. I would love to eat in the event, no doubt. I didn’t think that was an option,” Kelce said. “The only thing that can be bad about it is, I probably won’t come close to those guys. I’d trim the beard down a little bit, but it’s still probably going to get a little messy. I am saying yes. I will definitely, without question, eat in Wing Bowl.”

That’s not a joke or a publicity stunt– Kelce will be an eater in Wing Bowl next Friday. You can hear the audio here of him gleefully accepting the invitation.

I don’t know what happened over the last six months (winning happened), but the Eagles have become an insanely likable team. Sure, had they gone 4-12 this year, the reaction to this might be: Get back in the gym, fat ass! You’re supposed to protect the quarterback we need to draft. But no. 10-6 and winning the NFC East makes this very OK. I like it. Offensive linemen should be fat. Get fatter, Jason. Hell, win the whole thing. [He won’t.] How awesome would it be if the center for the Philadelphia Eagles won a wing eating contest in front of 20k people?

Now, how can I crowbar my way into sponsoring his float?