Jimmy and Warren Buffett Kill It on the Dan Patrick Show

I have a list of three people that I’d like to have a beer with at some point in life:

1) Jimmy Buffett

2) Steve Jobs

3) Walter White

Walter White isn’t real. Steve Jobs is dead. But Jimmy Buffett… well, there’s a chance. I’d kill a man to sip Coronas with Jimmy.

Buffett joined the other Buffett, Warren, on the Dan Patrick Show this morning, and it was fantastic. Warren was on to talk about his company putting up $1 billion on an NCAA March Madness challenge. That’s when the conversation turned to who has the better life– Warren or Jimmy. And then, Jimmy called in. He and Warren, who know each other, regaled with tales about playing tennis with Rafael Nadal, hanging out with Bill Gates, and who has the overall better life being incredibly rich and powerful with friends that are presidents, CEOs, athletes and megastars. The full interview with just Warren, before Jimmy called in, is after the jump.


15 Responses

  1. HEY KYLE,
    Had come to come to work today, shit sucks.

    Who would you rather be, Justin Timberlake or Leonardo Di Cap?

    1. Steve Jobs changed the world!
      Add me to the list of people who wish they had a beer with him.

  2. Steve Jobs changed the world by exposing all of the fags. Apple’s so great guyz lolololol omg let’s all blow each other and make it artsy on instagram with indie music in the background that we soooo heard before they got famous because of the Apple commercial!!!

    1. Could not agree more. He could have said Robert Plant or Dave Grohl, etc., but he went with Jimmy Buffet. And he’s obviously proud of it. I wouldn’t go to a Buffet concert if you paid me. But if somehow I did go, I sure wouldn’t tell anybody. The music is just awful.

  3. I would rather be killed than sip Coronas with Jimmy Buffett. He would probably try to sell you one of his $500 margarita makers (or as the rest of the planet calls them, blenders).

  4. You wouldn’t be drinking Corona though.. It’d be Landshark which is even worse.

  5. Jimmy Buffett? On the inside, Kyle is a 60 year old man in a Hawaiian shirt and sandals trying to be hip and cool by liking awful music because he thinks that’s what the kids like. Seriously, the only people who like Jimmy Buffett are old fratboy date rapists and their douchebag sons.

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