I have a list of three people that I’d like to have a beer with at some point in life:

1) Jimmy Buffett

2) Steve Jobs

3) Walter White

Walter White isn’t real. Steve Jobs is dead. But Jimmy Buffett… well, there’s a chance. I’d kill a man to sip Coronas with Jimmy.

Buffett joined the other Buffett, Warren, on the Dan Patrick Show this morning, and it was fantastic. Warren was on to talk about his company putting up $1 billion on an NCAA March Madness challenge. That’s when the conversation turned to who has the better life– Warren or Jimmy. And then, Jimmy called in. He and Warren, who know each other, regaled with tales about playing tennis with Rafael Nadal, hanging out with Bill Gates, and who has the overall better life being incredibly rich and powerful with friends that are presidents, CEOs, athletes and megastars. The full interview with just Warren, before Jimmy called in, is after the jump.