John Bolaris’ New Weather Site Looks Fun


Voila_Capture1070On our podcast last month John Bolaris told us that his new secretive weather project would include online and video components. He promised it would be a unique weather service with none of the nonsense and hype that local news producers demand from their talent.

Yesterday, he finally revealed the name:

The site is not live yet, but a Google cache exists of some of the pages, and there are associated Twitter and YouTube accounts.


On the site’s parked About page, Bolaris describes it: “Weather Savior is a highly interactive source for personalizing your weather needs through multimedia outlets. We help strategize your needs keeping you better informed in a clear and concise way.”

On its Twitter account, the site is described thusly: “24/7 Storm Protection.The most interactive source! Personalizing your weather needs to strategize your day. Think of us as your own personal meteorologist.”

Based on those descriptions and our conversation with J-Bo, it sounds like you should anticipate personalized forecasts based on your location, commute and activities. And probably CAPS LOCK. Lots of CAPS LOCK.

People give Bolaris a lot of shit– some of it deserved, some not. But in a time when certain local meteorologists are tweeting useless current conditions, at least he gives you substance:

Spot on.


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  1. Bolaris seems like the kind of quasi-celebrity who winds up vanishing after getting too comfortable borrowing money from the mob.

  2. I’m shocked that my prediction of him hanging himself by wild card weekend didn’t come true last year.

    1. That’s funny I predicted your fat ass wouldn’t make it to the new year with you constantly stuffing that fat triple chin face of yours with GMO food,but the year is still young so eat away Shamu eat away.

    1. Well he used to cover the Phillies…pretty sure he did some pre/post game work for them…

  3. I love Bolaris. He’s alright in my book. Shocked no post about melvern prep sending letters to parents warning about the Wingbowl

  4. I bet bolaris gets taken to court by DC Comics for blatantly ripping off Superman’s likeness

  5. Kacie McDonnell reminds me of a future john Bolaris. She has future train wreck written all over her teeth

  6. I always liked JB. I always liked his forecasts. I don’t give a damn if he’s a poon hound in the least. Most men are. And I’ve met quite a few women that are just as bad as he is. I think the dude got a raw deal to be honest and i’m very glad to see him move forward with his life and just make the best of it. You go JB!

    1. Agreed!! I always liked him better with his off the weather antics. I’d be doing the same thing

  7. Unless he has naked women on the site, i’ll just stick to The Weather Channel.

  8. “Tonights forecast: Cloudy with a chance of hookers. Chance of hookers 40% with a slight cocaine breeze coming in from the north, northwest. That should all clear up in time for the AM commute. Tomorows forecast, sunny with a 60% chance of zero fucks given about anything with lows dipping down into deep depression and gypsy mongering.”

    -John Bolaris

  9. John, when are you coming back to South Beach. We have another special Cocktail for you and make sure you bring your American Express Card.

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