Voila_Capture1070On our podcast last month John Bolaris told us that his new secretive weather project would include online and video components. He promised it would be a unique weather service with none of the nonsense and hype that local news producers demand from their talent.

Yesterday, he finally revealed the name: WeatherSavior.com.

The site is not live yet, but a Google cache exists of some of the pages, and there are associated Twitter and YouTube accounts.


On the site’s parked About page, Bolaris describes it: “Weather Savior is a highly interactive source for personalizing your weather needs through multimedia outlets. We help strategize your needs keeping you better informed in a clear and concise way.”

On its Twitter account, the site is described thusly: “24/7 Storm Protection.The most interactive source! Personalizing your weather needs to strategize your day. Think of us as your own personal meteorologist.”

Based on those descriptions and our conversation with J-Bo, it sounds like you should anticipate personalized forecasts based on your location, commute and activities. And probably CAPS LOCK. Lots of CAPS LOCK.

People give Bolaris a lot of shit– some of it deserved, some not. But in a time when certain local meteorologists are tweeting useless current conditions, at least he gives you substance:

Spot on.