Jonathan Papelbon Declares His Red Sox Fandom, Rips Phillies Clubhouse Atmosphere (Again)

Voila_Capture801Jonathan Papelbon on WEEI in Boston this week talking about how he “loved it” when the Red Sox won the World Series and why the Phillies’ clubhouse is nothing like Boston’s (I’m assuming he means the 2013 iteration, not the 2011 clubhouse where everybody got drunk and that Paps walked into after the Sox’s playoff aspirations wound up in left field at Camden Yards):

I watched every game of the World Series, every inning, every pitch. I loved it, man. I was calling pitches when Koji was in there — you know how you do when you’re watching games, ‘He’s going to go to this,’ or ‘He’s going to go to that.’ I tell you what, I was pulling for them,” Papelbon said. “I knew, I don’t want to say this now, but I knew they were going to win. I knew what that clubhouse was like. I knew what was probably going on before the games, how it was, I knew what kind of leadership they had over there with David and Dustin. I just knew, if I was a betting man, I would have bet on them. But I’m not a betting man. I was happy for them. Dustin’s one of my best friends in the game. I couldn’t have been happier.”

And why the Phillies didn’t do that:

On our team, I honestly believe we have more talent than any other roster out there. But if you don’t take that talent and mesh it together, figure out each others’ little pros and cons and figure out how to make a 25-man roster form into one, nothing will work. I don’t care how much you spend or how many guys you have in the bullpen or how many starters you have and it just doesn’t work,” said Papelbon. “Look at the Red Sox last year. John [McDonald] will probably tell you the moment he walked into the Red Sox clubhouse there was an entirely different feel from when he left Philly. I’m not putting those words in John’s mouth by any means, but when you have a group of guys who go for 162 games plus spring training plus the playoffs, you have to have each other’s backs and know what he’s going to do before the next guy from you is going to do before he does it.”

“I was a new guy coming into the Philadelphia clubhouse. Coming into a new clubhouse, you tend to watch more than you speak. I will say this, I came from a clubhouse where it was in your face, it was, ‘This is how we’re going to do it. We’re going to yell at each other and when we don’t do what we’re expected of, we’re going to let you know.’ That’s kind of the way I was groomed into being a baseball player,” Papelbon said. “Then I go to Philadelphia and it wasn’t necessarily that way, and I know that I’ve gotten a bad rap, some of the guys will say I’m not a good clubhouse guy because I’ll get upset and I’ll say something, but I’ve always said what’s on my mind. I don’t think I’ve ever shied away from my beliefs. But I think some of it reporters in Philly maybe take a little bit different because I was used to saying that, hey, this is how I feel, we’re not winning and I’m not happy.”

For all I know, Papelbon is 100% right about the Phillies’ clubhouse, and from afar, there appears to be a serious gel deficiency. But man… he needs to stop talking, unless it’s about his declining strikeout rate and velocity.

Audio here (around 21:00). Bonus John McDonald audio, too, where he echoes Paps’ sentiments.

H/T to reader Chris

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16 Responses

  1. At least he gives a sh*t….which is more than can be said about our “core” that are overpaid and complacent…It’s about time someone opens their mouth in there…

  2. The Majority of the team is declining Kyle. I don’t think there is anything wrong with what he said. He obviously seems to care about winning. I would open my mouth too about the poor display of offense we’ve been subjected to the past couple years.

  3. The only guy on the team who gets pissed when they lose and everyone calls him a douche.

    Would like to see a little fire out of Jimmy, Chase or Cole.

    And before you start bitchin about his blown saves – examine them. How many 1 run leads did he lose when there was an error or passed ball? Or games where plays should have been made, but were not called errors? 4 out of 7 by my count

  4. Johnny P can slip in the shower and break his back for all I think about him.

    Play great before you run your mouth …. passing your own failings off as other people’s problems is a bitch move.

  5. Never thought I’d agree so much with someone I generally dislike so much. The Phillies have always treated the clubhouse leadership thing like “we don’t have to yell because we all just do our job” but it’s worth noting that they haven’t won anything since Burrell, who was much more of a yeller than anyone else on that roster, left the team. But that type of leadership has to be grown, because like Papelbon said, when you go into someone else’s clubhouse, a good way to get the stink eye from your new teammates is to act like you’re taking over the place.

    In other words, Howard and Utley are by no means Pedroia and Ortiz.

  6. This is dificult to gauge because only the phillies players and coaches really know what the clubhouse atmosphere is actually like. Fans and press can speculate, but that’s about it. If there is a leadership problem, maybe Paps can stop publicly talking about it and do something to implement change.

  7. shut up Pap! maybe the clubhouse is sick of you blowing games. Seems like your the only one out there bitching about the clubhouse atmosphere. did you ever think maybe your bad mouthing your own club might be what the clubhouse problem is. Stop sucking up to Boston! They don’t want you either

  8. All I can say about that it that the truth hurts. This seems to be a team without any fire or accountability. That’s no way for a Philly team to behave. Remember how Werth harassed Charlie for playing time and bitched when he didn’t get it? We have a bunch of milquetoast dudes who seem to display no outward joy about the fact that they play fucking baseball for a living.

  9. The clubhouse issues in Boston left the same time Paps did and then they won a WS. Things that make you think hmmm?

  10. An ownership group that now has billions and no interest in winning and a complacent team of inflated contracts for over the hill talent.

    This is your 2014 Phillies.

  11. Paps nailed it and his teammates should take notice.

    The Boston squad was magical and fun to watch. Gritty and authentic. The pure baseball you love to see.

    True the phillies have talent and not enough hair “gel,” or leaders. I’m not talking about “lead by example,” guys like Utley either. I’m talking about Petey and Papi in your face right here, right now. In the dugout, in the middle of the game, with the camera right on us, type of leadership.

  12. What a douchy-looking face, dressed in a douchy sweater and tie. Can we call him “Pap Smear” from now on?

    And his wife should get a refund on that face-lift.

  13. If anyone is a clubhouse cancer, it is J-Stroll and his me-first attitude. I don’t care for Papelbon all that much but a lot of that is true. However, if Boston was so great why did they gut their entire team and management after 2012? Lots of discord on that team from what I understand and I also notice they had no problem letting Papelbon go.

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