Man-Crushing: Brandon Boykin and Mike Trout are Tweeting About the Game on Saturday

Man crush overload right here. Brandon Boykin, who won the Eagles the division and has an adorable poster above his bed, tweeting with South Jersey’s own, Eagles fan, MLB supermegastarohmahgodhesgood, and future Phillie, Mike Trout about the game tomorrow night:

Voila_Capture911 Voila_Capture912


Mike Trout: Brandon Boykin’s dawg. Our dawg.


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  1. he was also tweeting with shady… WHY the fuck Ruben hasn’t traded the entire infield for Trout yet is beyond me.

    rumor has it tho Trouty grew up a Yanks fan

    1. Nail on the head, you think think angles fans have their lab-yas in the air over this like we do when this happens here?

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