See, this is why you pay me the big bucks. Yesterday, about Mitch Williams: Probably wouldn’t want to leave current gig, but you never know.

Unlike John Kruk and Curt Schilling, both of whom also have cushy national gigs, Williams, who is at the less popular MLB Network, seems like the type of guy who would welcome the challenge of traveling seven months out of the year and sitting next to Chris Griffin. Williams spoke with the WIP Morning Show today and, yep, he’d be interested:

“I have a pretty good gig right now Ange [Angelo Cataldi]. It’s not something that I would not listen to, it’s definitely something I would be interested in, but it would have to be something that would be very significant to get my to leave what I’m doing now,” Williams said. The job that I’m in now I love, and I know I would love doing Phillie games and being part of the Phillies on a day-to-day basis covering them. So we’ll just have to see what happens, you know how all that goes, but I love the fact that people in Philly are kind of rooting that I get that job.”

Um, people are not rooting for Mitch to get the gig. Based on almost 2,500 votes in our poll yesterday, only 6% chose Williams as their preferred replacement to Wheels. He’s represented by the burnt sienna sliver at the bottom of the chart [hover to see names]:

Lidge was the leading vote-getter, but he told the Daily News that he wasn’t interested. Charlie Manuel, Ricky Bottalico and Jamie Moyer were third through fifth. Virtually no shot for Manuel, who can’t talk but would be insanely fun. And I’d imagine Moyer is a long shot, though he keeps favoriting Tweets about it.

I still think it goes to Ricky Bo, who is the safe choice for Comcast, the risk-adverse mega conglomerate.