Whoever it is-- good luck

Whoever it is– good luck

Brad Lidge would absolutely be my top realistic choice. But here are my top 8, knowing full well that a few of them are highly unlikely:

1) Pedro Martinez

He was absolutely incredible on the TBS studio show during the playoffs. He is the perfect combination of smart and funny. He is incredibly observant, introspective, extroverted and entertaining. You’d get real opinions – from a future Hall of Famer – and not feel like you were watching a typical xenophobic Philly broadcast (I’m talking about perceived hometown guys, not nationalities). Can’t imagine Pedro would want to travel like that, and he probably will have better options. But he’d be great.

2) Brad Lidge

A true Philly hero. He is incredibly well-spoken, smart and, by all accounts, a nice guy. I think his personality and sense of humor are underrated, too. Plus, for some reason, closers make good broadcasters.

3) Curt Schilling

I don’t get why so many people dislike Schil. He speaks his mind. He’s usually right too. From a pure insight and baseball knowledge standpoint, he may top this list. But his know-it-all-ness has potential to wear thin over the course of a season (Wheels) and he’s getting progressively fatter (more fat?). He may prove difficult to look at as time goes on. Also: no shot he leaves cushy ESPN gig now that he’s on Sunday Night Baseball.

3a) Jamie Moyer

Post updated with Moyer. He favorited a Tweet about it yesterday:


He has a lot of money, but he can’t get away from the game. So I could see him doing this. He sort of has the same pros and cons as Schil, minus the disliked and fat parts. Speaks his mind, lots of insight, but could grate at you over course of season. Soothing voice is a plus though.

4) Ricky Bottalico

I think he gets the gig. With Comcast having so much pull here, they’ll want a guy that they like and who will add a little fire to the broadcast. He does a good job on Postgame Live, but he’s less intellectual than the top three. It will be fun to see him stew when the Phils leave 12 guys on-base. Plus, again, closers make good broadcasters. The potential for him to snap out and the inevitable on-air gaff will be worth watching for.

5) John Kruk

Kruk is a good broadcaster and thought highly of. But he’s in the same boat as Schilling with a cushy ESPN gig. Doubt he would leave. His machoism and West Virginia shtick is fine, but it gets old. He’s one-dimensional as a broadcaster. It’s a decent dimension, though.

6) Mitch Williams

Probably wouldn’t want to leave current gig, but you never know. He’d just act pissed off all the time and he has those righteous head spasms when he knows he’s right and only he’s right and no one else in the world can possibly be right. It’s the same thing trashy alpha women do when they tell you about celebrities they’ve never met.

7) Chris Coste

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… wha… whe… where were we?

8) Charlie Manuel

Actually, I’d love to see this.

I can’t imagine there are any other options.

UPDATE: Immediate Twitter responses asked about Doug Glanville, Ben Davis and Jamie Moyer. Slot Glanville in with Coste. Davis isn’t ready. And, honestly, I forgot about Moyer. He’s a good one.

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