These two logos fought each other for seven minutes before they agreed to appear in the same post
These two logos fought each other for seven minutes before they agreed to appear in the same post

Molly Eichel with an interesting story today about how childish the so-called radio wars have become. She says that, on Friday, WIP operations manager Andy Bloom became unglued during a remote broadcast from Chickie’s and Pete’s Play 2 – which is adjacent but attached to the main restaurant – when, at around 3:30 p.m., Jon Marks from 97.5 showed up to take part in a MetroPCS $1,000 giveaway promotion for Greater Media, which owns 97.5 The Fanatic, WMMR, 102.9 and other stations. It was at that point that Anthony Gargano and Rob Ellis were told that they had to return to the studio mid-show.


The rivalry between WIP and 97.5 The Fanatic is quite storied. The hullabaloo did not start until Marks showed up about 3:30 p.m., according to sources. At that point, Chickie’s & Pete’s reps tried to get the promotion moved from the VIP area to the back of the space to appease WIP bigwigs, but Greater Media refused. WIP packed up and went back to the station, forcing someone from WIP to get on the air until Ellis and Gargano could make it back to Old City.

Ah yes, everyone acting like grown adults I see.

I’m told that Eichel’s account is very accurate, and that Gargano and Ellis moving back to the studio likely had nothing to do with line issues. Bloom was unhappy that Marks, who was in a completely separate part of the restaurant (VIP area behind hostess stand at Chickie’s), was allowed to exist in the same space as WIP talent and their live broadcast. There were Greater Media promotional items on the tables in the VIP area, and Matt Cord was working the event until 4, when he had to leave for the Sixers game. Marks was up next. At one point, Chickie’s representatives tried to move Marks’ promotional pictures to the back of the restaurant to appease WIP. Greater Media didn’t move, however, and that’s when Gargano and Ellis were told to take their show back to the studio.

The Philly sports community – from teams to media to advertisers – is extremely incestuous, probably more than you realize or than I can accurately explain in a single blog post. Big advertisers, like Chickie’s and Pete’s, work with just about everyone connected to Philly sports (full disclosure: they advertised with me last year as well). If you’re WIP, or 97.5, you can’t freak the fuck out when someone from the other team happens to be in the same building at the same time. In many cases, talent from one station sits next to talent from another station on a TV show that airs on separately-owned TV station– situations in which all parties may have the same corporate partners and advertisers. The Greater Media-CBS-NBC trifecta, if you will. That said, I can tell you with absolute certainty that there are people from both sides who positively detest people from the other side and are eager to trash-talk without prompting. It’s like high school, if only high school took place in a major media market filled with egos. The competition is understandable, but also pretty hilarious and highly entertaining. And it might soon turn ugly:

Brotherly love, baby!

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54 Responses

  1. I could see WIP being mad if someone like Bruno showed up. But Jon Marks? He has a following? Pretty weak on WIPs part.

  2. In one corner we have 97.5 who has a chip on their shoulder because they are not recognized nationally, and in the other is WIP who has chip on their shoulder because they are actually being challenged and is no longer the only big fish in a small pond.

    What I really want to see, is BOTH pull their contracts with Chickie’s and see if the lawyer’s slipped a little something called a “non-compete” into deal, and then BOTH sue the pants off of that CROOKE Pete. Party time (as in rails of cocaine behind the kitchen door) is OvER Pete.

  3. How dare Marks get near me when I’m trying to talk about little Mas!! Mas took his first dump on real toilet yesterday, I was like THATS AWESOME DUDE!!!! He’s built like he’s either gonna be a Guard or a Tackle even though he’s bound to be a fat unathletic talentless slob like me

  4. Tell U What! The Gorilla would never work for Comcast Sportsnet! I only approve QUALITY people to be hired!

    1. Must know sports
    2. Must be able to speak English (preferably very loud)
    3. Appearance must not scare viewers
    4. Must bathe occasionally

    The Gorilla is FOUR-FOR-FOUR, but in a bad way!


  5. What a sad fucking joke WIP is. Tired morning show. Barkann is a screaming moron without any opinions and Reese is just another in a long line of marginal Eagles who find themselves at WIP when they are done playing. Is there any doubt that fucking slob Kelce will be at WIP in a few years? Gargano is a star fucker who sounds like a teenage girl at a Twilight premiere every time he speaks with an athlete and Big Daddy Graham is 4 hours of constant plugs to his shitty appearances. Who the fuck listens to this station anymore?

    1. “Who the fuck listens to this station anymore?”

      Apparently YOU, since you seem to have profiled everyone correctly!


      1. Busted. Damn you Angelo. Actually though I don’t listen much anymore, my rant was more based on recent memories.

  6. The people that run wip are total morons just listen to who they they have on the air Ellis and the cuz blow ike and barkann are about as enjoyable as a bill Conlin creme pie jolovitz is autistic spike eskin has no business on sports radio period and the goose is gone. The people that run wip is the reason that it is. Ulistenable. 97.5 will have a total control of the market. Within 4 years

    1. Agreed. But 97.5 isnt that much better. It has better hosts but thats not saying much. Mike and Mike is horrible and a national show. Bruno and Mayes are good but getting a little stale with the soundboard. Marks and Brace are just as bad as Ike and Mike. They have talked Nick Foles for the last 4 months nonstop. And I think ive established my hatred for Missanelli. But I also think that more people are agreeing when i say that egomaniac has gotten pretty terrible recently.

      1. Yeah, they both are horrible. I have given up on all Philly sports radio. Mainly because of those two idiot bros Jon and Sean and that arrogant prick missanelli. It should be called what it is, eagles radio or foles radio.

        1. I actually like Missanelli. I think he’s fair and reasonable and, most of the time, incredibly sharp. Does he try to “outrage” everyone once in a while. Yeah, but isn’t that the point?

  7. Chickies treats their employees like shit. The owner and the managers set a terrible tone. WIP is the top dog in Philly but that behavior was childish. They treated 97.5 like they are a true rival and maybe they will be but not until they get rid of that dope Phil from Mt Airy. I’d rather listen to Paul Jolowitcz doing Medifast commercials for 4 hours then 10 minutes of uninformed Phil.

    1. Agreed Phil from Mt Airy easily is the most annoying unlistenable guy in sports talk radio.

      The guy can’t go 45 seconds without plugging the stations phone number for the simple fact he runs out of things to say similar to Tony Bruno using voice line drops to kill time.

      97.5 should replace Phil from Mt Airy with G Cobb.

  8. Unalienable. I agree wipes does suck and big daddy graham is fucking annoying especially when a caller calls in with actual sports and big daddy keeps interrupting them because Big daddyknows absolutely knows nothing about sports then hangs up on them. I VOTE. Wipes has hits to go

  9. Marks’ girlfriend has a great rack. Luckily she will divorce him within the next two years as Marks looks like a little troll.

  10. WIP is falling fast and this is just proof. Catalidi and the morning team are the only ones worth listening too (esp Jonesy) and even sometimes Caltaldi is too creepy. This is a win for 97.5. WIP may not last.

    1. What I like about 97.5 over WIP is how they ban certain callers who call too much where as WIP continually let these no life losers call everyday sometimes twice a day.

      Most annoying WIP callers:

      Murray from Mayfair
      Mitchie tools
      Adrian the NY Giants fan
      Mitch from East Windsor
      Steve from Glenside
      Jeff from the airport
      Tone from the barbershop
      Steve from KOP
      Levi from Overbrook
      And last and certainly least that know it all Charles from Northeast Philly who constantly call both stations.

      1. I can’t turn the radio off quick enough when that old black dude Levi calls in.
        Anyone else miss dan gross?? This gossip chick sucks

        1. Dude you are spot on and don’t forget Levi from Overbrook changes his name to Darrin when calling other shows but the Cuz outted that old fart.

      2. Cowboy Dave
        Arthur correct
        Chuck from Lansdale
        Fantasy Harv
        South philly Santa
        Lee from Allentown
        any doctor who calls in to talk injuries
        Sean from pine hill

  11. Haha only shows I csn listen to on 97.5 is Bruno & Mayes. Mike miss & Phil from mt.airy hate white people.
    The logo has been growing on me though

  12. I hate Matt Cord as the PA announcer for Sixers. Over dramatic announcing of players that won’t be in the league in a year. He doesn’t even have any style. Listen to John Mason do the intros of the Detroit Pistons. You can catch it on Youtube.

  13. How the fuck did Sean Brace get a job in sports radio? He doesn’t know shit about sports and has the diction of a retarded 10 year old black kid.

    1. Haha, spot on. His diction made Mike MIss start playing clips of “The Situation” to imitate him. Exactly like an uneducated white douche bag trying to talk like a ghetto black person. I am waiting for the day the station realizes they made a huge mistake and send his worthless ass back to Pitchers Pub to serve beers or whatever the hell he does there.

  14. I am racist as all he’ll and have my own greater philadelphia. Black panther party. I know my gig will not last to much longer especially when I get back on the air again and talk 2 only black callers and athletes on my next show. The city needs my. Black essence.

  15. What was the cuz thinking naming his kid massimo? Poor guy is going to get picked on a lot with that gay name

    1. Mommy wanted to name him Steve, and I wanted to name him Barney, but Daddy yells until he gets his way. (He’s scary.)


  16. I Don’t talk about hockey because it’s not what the people want to talk about…….I swear I’ve said this to like 5 people in a row.

    1. Haha in all seriousness though, I cant stand when hosts say that about a topic suggestion. Its always, “well we talk about what the fans wanna talk about.” Do they not realize that they create the topic each day and that no matter what the topic is people will call in. They really need to stop having shows based on hypotheticals. ie If Foles was on this team or if we had this guy how would the season go?

  17. I used to enjoy gargano but his South Philly act is embarrassing. Total jock groupie & namedropper. After he did a profile on Kevin Kolb he was the next Tom Brady. Every time he talks about his sources in the NFL it’s Eckert & Spags who are both clueless. No mention of Eckert’s DUI where he blew 3x the legal limit.
    Now he’s at USC practices stroking Howie Roseman & doing a remote from LA. I like Rob Ellis & Bruno/Mays & Mike Francesa. With podcasts there’s no reason to listen to this local crap. How Sean Brace has a job in a major market is mind blowing. I can’t believe I miss eskin. Didinger & Macnow is the best show in the market.

  18. ok angelo blows, al has a fake non stop laugh, rhea won’t stfu, barkann and ike have nothing, i can take bruno for a bit, john and sean suck, gargano is a total douch-one time gary danielson ripped glen for asking the same question twice, glen cowered and the cous went on to lick his ballsak, can’t take misinelli, g cobb’s choppers are way to big, and he knows nothing, big daddy-never said anything funny, plugs his shows, book, daughter ect, i am left with fienstien, frencessa, didinger

  19. Mr Scott,

    Your “interesting story” link above does not include the photo of my Daddy’s HUGE mug. Thank you very much for excluding it. It is an embarrassment to Mommy, Massimo, and me. You don’t know how many times Mo and me are picked on in pre-school because of Daddy’s over-the-top nonsense. Mommy says it will all be over soon because Daddy’s not going to be on the radio too much longer. I can hardly wait.

    Oh, I’ve got to go now. Mommy’s taking us to dance class today.


  20. Big daddy never stops plugging his shows and will go on and on about his daughters who are both fatsos. Kathy Romano and Dawn Timmeney have the best tits in this city.

  21. you know how I know 97.5 knows they’re not as good as WIP?

    every fucking time i listen to that shithole station 97.5 they have to reference the “other sports radio channel..” If you need to constantly attack your competition, it’s pretty annoying to listeners. At least WIP doesn’t even usually acknowledge 97.5’s existence.

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