That’s such a standard headline. God, this week is slow.

Here’s some good news for you Temple folks. Nick Menta of the CSN Philly-NBC-Universal-blogsphere-Comcast conglomerate is reporting that Temple is reconsidering its decision to cut seven sports:

The university announced in December its plans to drop baseball, softball, men’s rowing, women’s rowing, men’s gymnastics and men’s indoor/outdoor track and field.

But a source present at Tuesday’s meetings told Comcast SportsNet that Temple’s board of trustees is reconsidering whether it should cut the sports after all. The board is expected to meet and make its decision within the next two to three weeks.

Students and coaches made presentations on Tuesday, lobbying for their programs to continue and attempting to show how each sport could be funded.

A long-awaited possible victory for male gymnasts everywhere. [But for real, this is good news.]