Terrell Owens is Coming Back to Philly for the First Ever “Philly Sports Roast”

From the release:

On Thursday, February 20th this love hate relationship will be lanced like a festering boil when T.O. returns to the City of Brotherly Love as the featured guest of the “The 1st Annual Philly Sports Roast.” I’m coming back to Philly to take care of some unfinished business and set the record straight,” according to sources close to the mercurial T.O.!

This highly anticipated, unscripted and explicitly candid event will draw together high-profile sports celebrities, media personalities and top socialites to raise money for local Philadelphia charities.

“The 1st Annual Philly Sports Roast” is presented by Philly’s own funnyman and impressionist extraordinaire Joe Conklin and on-air sports savant Al Morganti, founder of The Wing Bowl in association with big bash experts, Hair of the Dog producers Metrospect Marketing. Joining in the hosting duties are entrepreneurs Julie Dorenbos, wife of Eagles player Jon Dorenbos, and Susie Celek, the world’s most beautiful boxer, who together run Skin Palette sunless tanning salon.

“The 1st Annual Philly Sports Roast”
February 20, 2014 – 7:00 – 11:00 PM
Crystal Tea Room, 100 E Penn Square, Philadelphia
Tickets $175.00 and VIP Tables of 10 – $1950.00


Count me in. I love a good roast, especially of someone who may or may not have thick enough skin to deal with it.


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  1. I wonder if they will start out the roast Let’s hit it!

    But first, a word from our sponsors:

    1. The phrase ‘First Annual’ is incorrect. It can’t be an annual event if this is the first one. It should be ‘Inaugural’. Leave it to Philly journalists to screw up the one thing they’re supposed to do right.

    2. Oh soft and pink with purple head,
      Gently you lay with my, on my bed.
      “Growl, growl!” Calls the weiner from on high
      A little tiny weiner, still so pleasing to the eye.

  2. After the roast TO will wash your car for $5 (or the equivalent in Wawa gift cards)

    1. Thou shall not make mockery of foolish athletes who squander away their millions.


  3. Ms Crossing Broad: Come on Kyle I want the D bad

    Kyle Scott- OK baby here comes the D, Let’s hit it! BUT FIRST! a word from our sponsor

    Ms Crossing Broad: If u have to do a word from our sponsor WHYYYY say lets hit it first?!?! WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?! I

    1. Yo man, we got it the first couple of times you trotted out that tired line. I mean how often are you gonna beat on that dead horse? It was extremely mildly amusing (with extremely modifying the mildly rather than the amusing). At this point its just annoying.

  4. Really? Julie Dorenbos and Susie Celek? Al Morganti and Conklin?Doesn’t our city have anyone else better to offer than all these tired, old hacks? I’d rather hear Dikembe Mutombo host this event.

  5. Oh wow, another mediocre comedy bit from Joe Conklin!!! What a surprise! Get it, he’s making fun of the T.O. commercial! How halarious! Honestly, I’d rather listen to Rupert Pupkin tell jokes for an hour than listen to this unfunny douche attempt comedy for five minutes. I really, really hope that he will not be the roast master of this event (which is already guaranteed to be an unfunny debacle).

  6. Is this a legitimate roast or is it people roasting conklin while he talks like T.O. Also, who’s the broad in the pool?

    1. That’s Conklin’s daughter. She has to watch him, and give him his meds every 20 minutes.


  7. I believe Brent is divorced from Susie and she is using his name like she is still affiliated with the Eagles. Julie and Susie are the new self promotional Batman and Robin. If their last names were Julie Smith and Susie Jones would anybody pay attention.

    1. They’re a couple of hosebags riding Cataldi’s coattails. I hate people that do that.


  8. I am waiting for the roast for Mikey Mush. A cast of thousands will be there.

      1. I love how orange colored glasses CM disses mikey miss. Clearly miss touches a a nerve with his accurate depiction of the flyers. Is CM the same guy who was touting how good the flyers were earlier? Talking about how they are the 2nd team in town? Same guy who would rather have giroux than ovechkkin? I’m guessing cm thinks they actually legit chance for the cup too

        1. Tied for 2nd in the division is doing pretty well. And I torch missabelli for everything bc he’s a piece of shit. I don’t usually resort to twitter bc it’s usually pretty dumb but look at his responses to people. Insults everyone who disagrees with him and also blocks them bc of it.

          Yes I love the Flyers but I also love the other teams in this city. But unfortunately people like him can only comprehend one sport and one team on a daily basis. Sorry for wanting to hear about other teams in this city when the Eagles season has been over for over two weeks now. I mean really do you enjoy hearing if so in so is better or worse than Foles every single day?

          1. Don’t worry about it. Tr is just another Mikey Missy cock suck. Though rare, that liberal lispy douch does seem to attract a loyal fanbase, many of whom seem more than willing to accept a hot steamy load from Missy’s ass cheeks right onto their bare chests. Missy’s fans are also the type of morons who think Joe Conklin is a hoot. Booooooo

          2. Are you really going to trot out, “2nd in the division?” the Met is an awful, awful division. Good hockey teams are Anaheim, Pit, Chicago, St Louis, San Jose, etc. The flyers shouldnt even be allowed in the same rink as those teams. This is the problem some fans have with the brainwashed flyers crew. they are flyer fans, not hockey fans. it just does not occur to them that their favorite team is at best middle of the road.

            Personally, I do agree with you about enough with Eagles talk though.

  9. Wow. Morganti involved with another sleazy event. One would think holding on to Cataldi’s coat tails would have allowed him by now to not be involved in these stunts.

    1. Why yes, Dawn has nice assets. I’m working on having her as an embedded reporter covering the Wingettes at the Wing Bowl. (Of course, she will need to blend in.)


  10. Well since it’s turned into fav weather girls, I’d love to bang that Katie Felenger(?) on 3 in the mornin. She kinda grew on me. She looks like she would be great in the sack mmmmm
    Now on to the the “Roast”… Conklin isn’t funny so it’s gonna blow

  11. Good to see the permanent wingette/whores Celek and Doromboss are still gainfully employed. What a sad joke.

    1. Joe Conklin was funny for a few weeks decades ago. (Wow, how tired is his act – he was doing impressions of Wilson Goode and Ray Rhoades!) Now, he’s just a washed up shill, who is apparently hired for parties because groups can get multiple “people” for one price.

      He’s also got his daughter screeching along to those lame songs about the Phillies, Eagles, etc. etc. I feel sorry for her, having to prop up her dad’s failing “career”.


  12. Unless you are a government worker or yours truly, you had to work yesterday. I don’t work on MLK day! Nick Foles was average and I think your Philadelphia Eagles need to draft an athletic QB! I want to here from you… But before I take your calls here’s a quote from my favorite movie Do The Right Thing;
    Buggin’ Out: You the man.
    Mookie: No you the man.
    Buggin’ Out: You the man.
    Mookie: No you the man.
    Buggin’ Out: No. I’m just a struggling Black man trying to keep my dick hard in a cruel and harsh world.

  13. kyle and angelo cataldi are the only ones who think joe conklin is funny. jesus christ is he a fucking hack.

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