Voila_Capture1067The Eagles are taking all that good energy generated by massive wind turbines and solar arrays… and pumping it right back into the stadium by way of MASSIVE HD SCREENS, the most highest of definitionist in all the land.

In partnership with Panasonic, the final phase of Lincoln Financial Field’s revitalization plan will be completed this August. From the release:

The final phase of the Eagles two-year revitalization plan, which will reach completion this August, is targeted at enhancing the fan experience by leveraging multiple state-of-the-art LED video displays throughout the venue. Spectators will enjoy the highest-definition boards in the National Football League featuring two 10mm pitch video screens. The north and south boards will measure approximately 27 feet tall by 192 feet wide and 27 feet tall by 160 feet wide, respectively.

The comprehensive solution will also include several 20mm pitch displays, including:
•    11 fascia-mounted ribbon boards totaling more than 2,000 linear feet
•    One 335-square-foot video display in Headhouse Plaza
•    Two 334-square-foot and two 546-square-foot marquee displays at street level outside the stadium
•    Two video displays measuring approximately 45 feet tall by 18 feet wide and 15 feet tall by 30 feet wide in the Eagles Nest at the North end of the stadium
•    One 390-foot circular ribbon display in the Eagles Nest

The heightened fan experience at Lincoln Financial Field will also extend to six 6mm LED displays on the club level and over 1,200 new high-definition Panasonic displays around the stadium.

Panasonic will become one of the Philadelphia Eagles “Founding Partners” and will gain naming rights to the Panasonic Club, a 37,000-square-foot space on the West side of the stadium that serves approximately 3,900 club seat holders each game.  Panasonic will leverage the Founding Partner relationship to explore additional cutting-edge solutions that can enhance the professional football fan experience.

Assume that a portion of those massively wide – too wide for just video – boards will include plenty of fantasy stats… and advertisements. But still, these are welcome upgrades.

Meanwhile, the Inquirer’s business Twitter account used the story to take a wholly unnecessary, and completely unfunny, shot at DeSean Jackson:

Even I think that was a bit uncalled for.