The Former Comcast Spectacor Director of Marketing Has a Problem with Your Self-Awareness, Philadelphia

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Dustin Godsey, the Milwaukee Bucks’ VP of marketing and, apparently, a fan psychologist, took issue with the Philly fan response to a planned (and then canceled) Saints pep rally at the Art Museum.

Godsey took to Twitter (where else?) to voice his concerns. I chimed in and responded to him here and there, and although Dustin seems like a reasonable dude, he’s yet another person whose knee-jerk reaction is to blame Philadelphians for the fact that there are knucklehead fans everywhere.

His Tweets are after the jump.


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  1. Who the fudge is Dustin Godsey? This twit’s Twitter is more like a pedantic drivel machine. There’s an idea– let’s just call him PDM for short. PDM is a tool. Fuck him and fuck the Packers.

    1. Dustin Godsey worked in Philly for 4+ years for Comcast-Spectacor, so before you get all dick hurt, understand that this isn’t some reporter who has been here twice in his life.

      1. 6 years – but thank you. For the record, I love Philly and Philly fans. I wasn’t intending to call them all out – simply the subset that complains about people calling their behavior boorish while simultaneously acting boorishly. My timeline is now full of plenty of examples!

        1. It’s the internet, everyone’s a fool on the internet, shit’s not real!

        2. Dustin I apologize for these apes – please feel free to come down to the Art Museum steps anytime, just let me know when.

          And bring your mother

  2. Neither Kyle’s nor Godsey’s arguments made sense. We are all dumber for having read this debate.

    Dios mio, man.

  3. Eagles fans are mad that we still get a bad rap from when they threw snow balls at Santa at Franklin Field. Not one Eagles broadcast can go from start to finish without that being brought up by one of the announcers.

  4. the Milwaukee Bucks’ VP better worry about how to to market his team’s 7-25 record to the fan base.. ..

  5. The tough guy shit in this city is so fuckin corny. Were from Philly and we fight is the most cheese dick shit Ive ever heard. If some Saints fans cant have some fun here during the playoffs, thats fuckin rediculous. We’ll never get a Superbowl or olympics because of that dumb shit like that. and fuck everyone from Delco

  6. if 99.9% our fan base behaves at our local sporting events and 100% of our fan base knows this, then who gives a flying shit what some dickbag journalist in some other city writes about us. enough already! yes, they have proven themselves to be know-nothing hacks with their time again pieces that merely reflect the art of of copy-and-paste. however, we continue to prove ourselves as a bunch of whiny 2nd graders every time that said piece is written. today has been nothing but “wah, wah” pieces and comments. face the reality….these no-talent writers will not change their perspective. they do not live here therefore they do not care what we think. however, if people are really offended and so hell bent on changing our image, then speak up tomorrow when you see an asshole being an asshole. dont just sip your beer and laugh. dont just turn your head and say not my problem. man up and call them out! at least then you can say you did something because all these “poor ole us” speeches arent going to get shit done anyway.

    1. +1

      Again, this isn’t a case of a guy from Milwaukee caring about our fans, it is the case of a guy trolling a fan base for website hits. Everyone is trying to make a buck, even paid trolls.

  7. At least we usually verbally assault people as opposed to those mexicunts in Cali…let ’em all in though!

  8. I am so fucking tired of hearing this bullshit. The tough guy act isn’t limited to Philadelphia and is a result of poor parenting and people who don’t know how to drink. It was a terrible idea to recommend that a group of potentially equally rowdy fans from an opposing team converge on an iconic landmark of the other city. Fans do shitty things in other cities but everyone can quickly forget multiple murders/attempted murders in other city faster than they can forget some drunken idiot santa getting hit with a couple snowballs.

  9. Seriously, Kyle, you think it is okay that fans of an opposing team can’t have a little fun in Philly without feeling that they are safe?

    And you were one of the ring leaders of this nonsense and are also the ring leader in whining like a little bitch about Philly’s reputation?

    Can’t have it both ways. You can’t start a fight, sell we are philly and we fight t shirts then whine about your reputation.

    This won’t get a response though.

  10. It’s a Friday afternoon, shouldn’t Godsey be worrying about what promotion him and his marketing team will be doing at the next Milwaukee Bucks game, rather then trolling the internet and what’s going on in Philly. A quick search shows the Bucks are currently averaging the 3rd least amount of fans this season. Sadly, the Sixers are last. I think Mr. Godsey being a VP of Marketing of the Bucks would have all his focus on how to improve attendance figures at the Bradley Center instead of spending his Friday posting tweets.

  11. That fact that dusty worked here for a WHOLE six years means dick. he wants to act like he’s a Philadelphian or something. The funniest thing about this whole thing is he’s the who for the what? Some vp of some shit from some lame ass barely existent team in freaking Milwaukee? Awesome gig dude

  12. Left Philly when I was 18, still a huge Eagles fan, but amazed at how a certain segment of the fan base revels in this goon image. Makes defending Philly hard for those of us who live in parts of the country that don’t take shit so seriously. I go to bars in NYC, root vs/laugh at the Giants, no problem. Weird some in Philly are still obsessed with living down to the booing Santa Claus myth. As someone who’s actually had season tickets in the 700 level, I find it funnier still that most of the tough guy fans weren’t around when it was really tough.

  13. Philly fans, more specifically Eagle fans are a collection of wannabe tough guys. From the tool with his fake shoulder pads, to the moron hosts on WIP calling in witch doctors, to the retards mad at Dom Brown for rooting for the Cowboys. Grow the fuck up and realize that none of your Eagle heroes would piss on you if you were on fire. The minute anyone offers them a check with a few extra dollars in it they will leave town and you are worried about proving yourself to be a loyal tough guy. Christ what a collection of idiots. Go Saints, end this thing already.

  14. Enough of this “we need to be offended that the media portrays us as the most ruthless fans”. Sports fans should be as passionate as Philly fans are even if it means booing teams or fighting people who want to challenge us. Would you rather us be Jaguar fans who don’t even show up to the games? Embrace it Philly, we are tough and ruthless, no need to apologize, most teams are jealous of our passion.

    1. Just the opposite. By and large, Philly fans have become pussified. I even wrote a book on the topic, which I will be making available for sale through Kyle’s blog.

    2. Typical internet tough guy. This clown would shit his pants if confronted at a stadium. Seriously you jackass please tell me you don’t think “fighting people who challenge us” constitutes a rational fan. Please catch AIDS twice.

      1. I would say fighting some who challenges you is rational, what is your solution, shit your pants and run? Typical brain dead, uneducated pussy

        1. More internet tough guy talk? Yes, I’m quite sure its rational to fight other fans for cheering for their team (your definition of “challenge” I’m sure). Be honest, you are a scared little pussy who only fights when your friends have the opponent outnumbered 4 to 1. you are probably also the guy who throws the sucker punch. Crawl back to your corner bar where you can talk shit about all the “fights” you won at the Vet over the years.

  15. The internet exposed that every fan base has a percentage that suck. Philly being any worse than anywhere is a joke.

    This guy tweeting obviously has nothing going on in his life and dying for attention. OK, he got it …. now he can go back to being a fvcking nobody.

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