UPDATE: The Times-Picayune is Trying to Get Its Readers Killed for a Photo Op at the Art Museum [Canceled]

Voila_Capture913Oh my God, people are going to die.

For some ridiculous and ill-advised reason, the New Orleans Times-Picayune is trying to create a photo op with Saints fans running up the Art Museum steps tomorrow… and they’re telling people about it, in advance:

New Orleans Saints fans traveling to Philadelphia for Saturday’s NFC wild-card playoff game against the Eagles are invited to join NOLA.com | Times-Picayune photographers Michael DeMocker and David Grunfeld for a chilly yet inspirational run up the famous “Rocky” steps.

Put on your black and gold best and meet them at the Rocky statue at the base of the stairway to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (26th Street and Ben Franklin Parkway) at 11 a.m. on Saturday (Jan. 4) to race up the steps and cheer on the “underdog” Saints.

All Who Dats welcome. And, hey, can someone bring the “Rocky” theme music?

Need a little inspiration? Check out Rocky’s run on YouTube.

I give the Who Dat run a 10% chance of ever happening. Either it gets cancelled later today because the paper’s lawyers advised that this is very dangerous, you idiots!, or Eagles tailgaters kick things off a little early about five miles from the stadium on the Parkway by intimidating would-be runners with the scary guys who preach over loudspeakers on Market Street.

I’m not sure that Michael DeMocker, who wrote this, has any idea what a mistake it was to advertise that innocent Saints fans will be stomping all over Philly’s most sacred monument (unfortunately) on the day of an Eagles playoff game.

UPDATE: Told you. Steps defended, grammatically:

Now we wait for the grassroots effort.

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19 Responses

  1. Even though these guys aren’t celebs, they are shoe-ins for the 2014 death pool. Is there an over/under for them escaping injury?

  2. Kyle is jerking off to the thought of writing a follow up story. Too bad he’d get his ass kicked by a female if he showed up.

  3. There are so many loser eagles fans out there that would actually spend time to try to stop this run. And you will all get mad when the media mentions this during the game. Find something productive to do with yourselves. Or just sit home and drink beer like normal people.

  4. Eagles’ fans, please stay clear of the Art Museum area on Saturday. We have this situation covered. First, we are going to hose down the steps, making it essentially a luge track. Next, if any Saints fans are dumb enough to proceed, they will likely break their necks tumbling to the bottom. There, we will have a front-end loader on stand-by to scoop of the human debris and put it in a shipping container labelled for New Orleans.

    Problem solved!

    1. All of that would be very likely. Except your forgetting that all the unions are on holiday break until this Monday. There ain’t nobody building anything in this town until your local goons get back to work.

      Is it break time yet?

  5. So Kyle,

    Remember this post the next time you whine like a bitch when some no-dick blogger rips Philly fans.
    You go apeshit every time some nutless nobody mentions Santa Claus, yet you blog that Saints fans might get killed if they gather in Philadelphia.

    You can’t have it both ways jerkoff.

    You think so highly of the fans you defend so much that you think they’ll kill tourists for gathering in the city, yet you’ll bitch and bitch and bitch if someone else criticizes them.

    Get a clue asshole.

    1. Well next time I’m in New Orleans (which I won’t be cuz let’s face it why the fuck would I go to that shithole.) I’ll be sure to actively antagonize the residents and then publicly castrate them when I get my dick knocked in the dirt. You sir have sexually assaulted my eyeballs with this dogshit comment and I would sue your tits off for the pain it’s caused me if I thought for a moment you weren’t diddling your modest genitals between the last two penny’s you had left after the latest bi weekly ark-necessitating rapture.

      Filate your french poodle for me you Cajun-pole enthusiast!

  6. Honestly, I wish the Saints fans would come here in droves, run up the steps, pull down the Rocky statue and drag it down the Parkway while hitting it with their shoes. Much like the Hussein statue in Baghdad, it’s a tribute to an idiotic person and concept.

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